Deeper Still

by Jericho Road

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Product Description

Their previous CD releases have sold nearly 100,000 units in less than two years, and Jericho Road is already in the studio with album #3. Now their fans can get two of the first cuts from the popular group's latest project. This extended play CD (5 tracks) features the newest song by Lowell Alexander, one of today's premiere songwriters in contemporary Christian music. Lowell previously wrote "You Melt the Madness" and "Nothing Matters" from the Jericho Road True North album and has taken time from his busy Nashville schedule to write "The Center of My Prayer" specifically for this current Jericho Road project. Also included as a bonus track is the group's original, stirring, a cappella version of "The Star-Spangled Banner."

Track list:

  • Deeper Still
  • The Center of my Prayer
  • Time (Groove Remix)
  • All From You (Vocal Remix)
  • The National Anthem

About the Author

Jericho Road

Whether performing in front of 65,000 football fans at a halftime show or at a small chapel in Japan, Jericho Road continues doing what they do best - connecting with people of all faiths with great music. In 2001, Abe, Justin, Bret, and Dave started off singing as the "homeless guys" for Michael McLean's Forgotten Carols. Since then, Jericho Road continues to be one of the most sought after groups in contemporary Christian music, performing at universities, community events, youth conferences, corporate shows, EFYs, and sporting events all around the world. The group's sixth and latest album, Day of Rest (September 2010), is their first praise and sacred recording, with stunning arrangements of several hymns, including "Amazing Grace," "Were You There," and "It Is Well." Their ability to talk about important gospel topics (and have fun) through popular music allows them to reach people from all walks of life with a universal Christian message of faith, hope, and charity.

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