Delivered By Hope

by Deseret Book Company, Mariama Kallon

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Delivered By Hope: One woman's remarkable journey from Sierra Leone to Temple Square

Raised in a country ravaged by civil war, Mariama Kallon narrowly escaped torture by murderous rebel forces. After losing her entire family and everything she owned, she was guided to safety as she found refuge with a Latter-day Saint family in her native Sierra Leone. Touched by the teachings of the Restoration, and full of gratitude for all the Lord had done for her, Mariama wanted to wear her own missionary nametag. With barely a single change of clothes and a Church-sent hygiene kit as her only worldly possessions, she made the trek to the United States and began a full-time mission on Temple Square.

Delivered By Hope tells the true story of Mariama Kallon's remarkable journey, as she was led by the Lord from war-torn West Africa to a new life in a new land.

    DVD Contents
  • Documentary, "Delivered by Hope" (38:24)
  • Mariama's MTC Testimony, 1999 (3:00)
  • Mariama's Testimony Today, 2010 (3:32)
  • Mariama's Presentation at Time Out for Women (35:56) (Filmed live on the 2010 Infinite Hope Tour)
  • Subtitled in English

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Mariama Kallon

Raised in war-torn Sierra Leone, Mariama Kallon saw many things as a young girl that might fill a person with fear and hatred. Soon after witnessing the violent murders of parents and siblings and spending her youth fleeing from rebels, she was introduced to the gospel of Jesus Christ and found hope in God and peace in a knowledge of eternal families. She was given a humanitarian kit by the Church, which became a treasured symbol of hope that she used to bless the lives of many as they again fled for their lives. After returning to her town, she was called on a mission to the Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission, and wept in gratitude to the Lord as she visited the place where her precious humanitarian kit was made. Today Mariama stands as an example of the divine purposes of humanitarian work and tells her story to numerous audiences, urging them to participate in this work. She currently resides and works in Salt Lake City, where she has attended LDS Business College.

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By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Such an incredible and eye opening personal story! She is an amazing individual!

touching hearts and changing lives
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I first heard Mariama's story when she came to speak at a Stake Relief Society meeting. Since that time I have opportunity to get to know her even better. Her strength and courage have touched my life and her faith and dedication to the Lord has built my testimony even more. She is a true example of the Lord's work and she has inspired my life.

I am so excited to purchase this DVD.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I am so excited to purchase this DVD. I few years ago my sisters and I listened to Mariamas' story and I was so touching and it sure strengthened my testimony! Just the short video makes me want to listen to her story again. It will definitely touch your heart and build your testimony. She is a wonderful,warm,and very strong-natured woman.

Amazing story!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I first saw Mariama Kallon at the Salt Lake Time Out For Women. She is such an amazing person with an amazing story and testimony. The video is wonderful. I watched it twice in one day. Once to see for myself and another for Family Home Evening. Her story has strengthened my testimony and brought a wonderful spirit into our home as we watched it. Mariama is a perfect reminder of God's hand in our lives. A reminder that He knows each and everyone of us personally and He knows all that we need when we are in need of it. It's also a reminder of the power of prayer. I recommend this video for everyone to have in their collection.

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