Desert Rain

by Jean Holbrook Mathews

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Lexi has conquered some unusual challenges in her life, but identifying her boss's body at the morgue isn't on the list. Now she's on the run to save her own life! Unable to determine who is friend or enemy, or why someone would want to kill her, Lexi must uncover the clues that will lead her to the true murderer before it's too late.

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PublishedCedar Fort, Inc (April 12, 2016)

About the Author

Jean Holbrook Mathews

Jean Holbrook Mathews has been a student of history and geography most of her life. She served as the administrative director for an international foundation headquartered in St. Louis with chapters in five countries, including the Philippines. She has traveled in Asia and Europe and lived in the Philippines for nearly two years while on a mission with her husband for the LDS Church. During that time she studied the culture, history, geography, government, and language of that nation, learning to love the people and those beautiful islands.

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