Diamondback Cave

by K. L. Fogg

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Product Description

Imogene Vandergrift wants out of jail. And she'll say or do just about anything to make sure

she can recover the millions in diamonds she has hidden away. Television reality-adventure

star Jack Mackey wants nothing to do with Imogene — especially after what she has already

put his son Wesley through. Jack has assured Wes that the evil woman who pretended for

years to be his mother will remain behind bars. But that was before Alex Harris mysteriously

disappeared. Now the rules have changed.

Wesley and his best friend Amanda decide it is up to them to find Alex, Amanda's soon-to-be

stepfather. A little covert detective work leads them to Diamondback Cave.


Imogene's diamonds are hidden inside, it is named for the rattlesnakes that infest the black

hole in the ground. However, the cavern also holds other dangers — henchman who may be

working for, or against, Imogene. Can Wesley's friends and family survive these new attacks

from Imogene Vandergrift? Will Amanda find Alex before it's too late for him to become part

of her family? Will you be able to catch your breath as you dive into Diamondback Cave?

About the Author

K. L. Fogg

K.L. Fogg is a former television news anchor, reporter, and talk-show host. She received her bachelor's degree in communications from Brigham Young University, and studied for her master's in journalism at the University of Missouri, where she worked for NBC 8. She is married and has three children.

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Exciting to last page
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25


One places says series is Serpent Tide series and one places Wesley Mackey series. Either way I like the series. Full of action, dramas, interesting characters and just a well told story.

Alex has disappeared right before his wedding to Maria. Wesley thinks its more than cold feet that made Alex text his breakup. No one believes him. So Alex and Amanda decide to try and find him. They find him and get kidnapped themselves.

Missing diamonds in a old cave system with lots of bats, snakes and other wild life.
It goes from one dangerous adventure to another.
clean read. Exciting right to the last page.

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