The Difference One Can Make

by Larry Johnson


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How much difference can one young man make when his life suddenly ends at only nineteen years of age? Kent Williams had an impact of unmeasurable proportion on the lives of friends, teachers, family, and all who knew him. He exemplified positive peer pressure. His zest for life, "super dates," and excellence in school and sports was combined with an unusually strong desire to learn and live the gospel of Jesus Christ. His friends loved him, and so did their parents, because of the influence for good he radiated.

Larry Johnson taught seminary and dynamically shares Kent's story. Kent accepted a mission call to Argentina, and Brother Johnson felt he had never known any young man with more promise that Kent. Three weeks into his mission, a train accident claimed Kent's life and stunned all who knew him. After his death, his mother shared the journals Kent faithfully kept. Kent's accounts of his amazing insights and spiritual journeys reveal him as one of God's truly valiant spirits. An intriguing story for young and old alike that will captivate your mind and touch your hearts.

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Spiritual and Motivating
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

My Name is Jon Bullock. I live in Ladera Ranch, CA. I grew up in Laguna Hills. When I was about 16, my sunday school teacher; Sister Cook was inspired to play this tape over 2 sundays. At the end of the talk, she asked us what we felt. I spoke first, " I want to Start off, right where Kent Williams left off". I meant spiritually of course. I thought of myself as sort of a rowdy teenager, but had a undeniable testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS, and knew I would serve a mission, and that it would be life changing. My goal was to prepare myself as Kent had, and work hard in the mission field. My first area was Florencio Varela, in the Buenos Aires South mission, the members there still spoke of Kent. That was June of 1994 when I arrived there, and spent 3 months in that area. Elder Crowther was my trainer, and Crockett was my president. The events that led to that, the miracles and baptisms I witnessed during my mission, and the events after, could fill volumes of Journals. But that was the beginning of a life changing experience, and that talk influenced my life more than any other, especially in my youth. God bless. JKB

makes you want to "Be Better". Everyone should listen to this
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I am 38 years old. When I was a youth, I went to a fireside in Boise Idaho, and heard Brother Johnson tell the Kent Williams story. It had a profound effect on me. They must have recorded it that night because shortly after, my bishop gave all of the youth a recording of the fireside. I carried it around for years, and shared it with so many people. I only knew it as "The Kent Williams Story".In recent years, I lost track of the old cassette. A few weeks ago, I called an old high school friend and asked her if she still had her copy. She had just found it and her children had been listening to it and loved it. I borrowed it, listened to it with my kids, who loved it, and told her that I would try to make it into a CD. Then, I'm telling another friend about it, and she says you should check the internet. DAH!! I find that It's already a CD. I just ordered it and am so excited to have a professional recording after so many years. It's incredibly inspiring!!!

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I have listened to this talk several times, and every time it is a very powerful, spiritual experience. Perfect for long drives, firesides, family home evening, or just anytime really. Funny, entertaining, and inspiring. Kent's example is a life changer.

Kent blazed a trail we can each follow.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

It was my privilege to be one of Larry Johnson's seminary students. I admired Kent Williams, as did so many of the youth in our Stake. I have heard this talk many times in person, and yet each time I listen to the cd I find my determination to live the Gospel renewed and strengthened.

I believe that this story, told with love and admiration by Brother Johnson, can touch hearts and change lives. Listen to the talk and today may be the day you commit yourself to walking the path Kent walked, living a joyful life, following the Savior.

this talk changed my life
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I was 16 when I first heard this talk given, at a ward youth fireside in the living room of my best friend's family. Larry Johnson is my friend's uncle. Little did I know that this talk had already been given at hundreds of larger firesides and EFY events. At 16, I didn't know quite how to apply gospel living to a teenage life. This talk showed me how. I left with a determination to be an outstanding example of how living the gospel makes every facet of your life shine: social, athletic, academic, etc. Being a faithful LDS youth is actually a lot more fun than being outside the gospel's influence, and this talk showed me that. 25 years later, I can see the huge impact that insight has had on my life.

Kent is my brother and Hero to many
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I was the last member of our family to see Kent, I picked him up in LA along with his companions and drove them to a consulate to pick up their visas and then back to the airport. I am eternally grateful for that last time with him. This is an amazing story, sometimes a little off the mark as told from his and my seminary teacher, yet very accurate and true. Kent's story has changed the lives of thousands and our family continues to get messages from those whose lives he has changed. He continue to serve the Savior as a missionary here and on the other side. Even if the CD is a bit dated it's well worth listening to and if you ever get a chance to hear larry speak in person I'd jump at the chance.

My only complaint is that the CD cover image is not Kent's some marketing person must have thought this was a better image but I find it a little misleading as I'm sure some will see this and think it it Kent.

This is a talk worth listening to.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I listened to this talk in seminary and it touched me so much. That the Next sunday that week and I used it in my family home evening plan. And I still listen to it.

To my Hero
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Kent Williams is the type of modern day hero everyone wants to be like. His story is truly remarkable and inspirational.

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