Do Over

by Shannon Guymon


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Who wouldn't be tired of dating after falling for the wrong woman over and over again? Trey has decided to take a much-needed break from the fairer sex, until Iris tumbles into his life. Their romance will either be a disaster waiting to happen or the best fairy tale since Sleeping Beauty. This final installment of the Alpine series will have you giving love another chance.

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Shannon Guymon

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By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

It's my favorite book in the alpine series. It's romantic, funny, and I couldn't put it down

Do Over---Read it!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

What is Do Over??

It is the book you want to take on vacation.
It includes a 'jilted bride'.
It takes place in Alpine Utah.
It mentions Kohlers, Park City, The Loop etc.
It is fun to read a book that takes place in ones back yard!
The hero is tall, handsome and has also been jilted.
It has a snarky, rude sister-in-law.
It has parents that are overprotective and controlling.
It has parents that are kind, loving and helpful.
It has a construction worker that keeps you laughing.
It has a group of girl friends--friends that stand up for each other but are not afraid to do what's right.

Do Over was a delightful read. As a parent with grown children I found myself hoping I was the kind, loving, helpful type of parent--not the overprotective, controlling parent. Do Over is full of people with strong personalities. It takes a strong person to admit when they are wrong.
You can relax, read Do Over, and simply enjoy a fun romance. (And there is nothing wrong with that!) It is fun and very well written. Or, you can read a little deeper and look at the personalities of each character. How do they handle disappointment, how do they handle success? How do I handle disappointments, success and stress? Shannon has taken a fun romance to the next level. Thank you Shannon for Do Over, I can see it being an excellent book club read. There is so much to discuss.

I LOVE this book!!!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I LOVE this book, it is now my favorite! I love Trey, he is the perfect guy for me. Trey and Iris are So cute together. I like how the story is funny, romantic, and amazing. It shows that everyone can have a hard time and still be happy. It can make you believe in happily ever afters again. Everyone should read this!!!

Loved the humor and creativity!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Sigh. I've got another author to add to my favorites list. I loved this book and while it is the first book by Shannon that I've read, I can assure you it won't be the last. I fell in love with Iris and Trey immediately. I liked Iris's determination to be her own woman despite the heartbreak she endured. And Trey just made me laugh and wish I had a Trey in my life. I also enjoyed the secondary characters, Maggie, Jacie, Allison, and Sophie made great additions to the story, despite Sophie's jerklike behavior. I liked that they were real people, who had flaws and made mistakes.

I think what I enjoyed the most though were the interactions between Iris and Trey. Some of them made me laugh out loud, others made me giggle and shake my head. Delightful all around and yet it didn't feel shallow, it just felt like two people who had finally found someone they honestly and truly clicked with. The relationship issues between them and with their other friends and family felt realistic and complicated just like real relationships. And I loved the creativity they showed in how they expressed their love for each other. I sigh just thinking about it.

Great book, flaming hair and all!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I enjoyed the novel, clear to the red-tipped flame hair. Iris is the happy bride...for a hour or so, anyway. When Riley's numerous affairs come to light, she confronts him AT the receptions and promptly demands a divorce (You go, girl!) NO woman should put up with a cheat...Ever!

Iris not only changes her life, but her look also (see comment about hair above). She sets about living her life, man free. Until, unbeknownst to her, she becomes the object of a bet... enter Trey. Then the real fun begins.

Do Over is a fun, clean read, but what I liked best is that it's okay for the characters to be quirky and outside the "norm."

I give it four thumbs up! A really great read from this accomplished author! I'm looking forward to reading more of her work.

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This is one of those very fun books where
the guy is SO DONE with women
and the girl is SO DONE with men
but the guy doesn't want to be set up on anymore pity dates...

So... he asks girl-done-with-men to be in on is ploy of making everyone believe that he does like said girl so they will stop asking him to like other girls....

When if fact he really does like this girl because she doesn't fall all over him like all the other girls and the girl is starting to like the guy because he is so unlike the other guys....

And if that is not enough of a fun storyline...on the side there is a "bet" going on to see if the so-done-with-women guy will fall for the so-done-with guys girl OR will he fall for the beauty queen that is being push towards him?

So good!

And you just gotta love the boots!

Love It!!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

If you love fun clean romances you will love this book! Be prepared to stay up late, because once you start this book it is impossible to put down. You will fall in love with the characters! Iris is a fun, smart, sassy, misunderstood woman with a heart of gold. Trey is the prince every woman dreams about sweeping off her feet, even if they are in a man hating zone. I love how the beloved characters from the other Alpine books are back. It is always fun to see a sneak peek of what has happened to them since the last book!
This book will have you hooked from the very first page until the end. The chemistry and the relationship between Trey and Iris is fun and quirky. I love how he accepts her for who she is, even when others don't approve. This story really shows you what it is like to find true love and happiness. I love how real Shannon makes the relationships and friendships in her books. Relationships aren't always rosy there can be bumps along the way, and she clearly illustrates that in this book. This is definitely a book that once you finish; you will want to read again! I recommend this book to everyone who loves a good clean fun romance!

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