Doctrinal Developments in the Early Church

by BYU Studies, Various authors

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Product Description

This compilation of groundbreaking articles about Joseph Smith’s doctrinal teachings is selected from over fifty years of LDS scholarship published by BYU Studies. This volume features articles on the law of adoption, Mormon perceptions of death, the preexistence, the King Follett Discourse, corporeality, and more.

“Doctrinal Development of the Church during the Nauvoo Sojourn, 1839–46” by T. Edgar Lyon
“An Epistle of the Twelve, March 1842” by Josh E. Probert
“Some Significant Texts of Joseph Smith’s Inspired Version of the Bible” by Robert J. Matthews
“The Law of Adoption: One Phase of the Development of the Mormon Concept of Salvation, 1830–1900” by Gordon Irving
“To Overcome the ‘Last Enemy’: Early Mormon Perceptions of Death” by M. Guy Bishop
“‘Saved or Damned’: Tracing a Persistent Protestantism in Early Mormon Thought” by Grant Underwood
“The Development of the Doctrine of Preexistence, 1830–1844” by Charles R. Harrell
“The Doctrinal Impact of the King Follett Discourse” by Van Hale
“Examining Six Key Concepts in Joseph Smith’s Understanding of Genesis 1:1” by Kevin L. Barney
“Are Christians Mormon? Reassessing Joseph Smith’s Theology in His Bicentennial” by David Paulsen

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