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Missing Scriptures at the beginning of chapters
By , Submitted on 2019-05-08

Wouldn't have bought if I had known that it wasn't like the books. The ebooks are nothing like the originals.

The books are priceless the ebook needs work.
By , Submitted on 2019-02-11

This book is not easily searched. The page numbering has been removed and referencing subjects is difficult. If you look up a scripture in eVolume I, Doctrinal Harmony of Gospels, there are no page numbers listed but only the subjects by name. You cannot click on the harmony and go to the page you desire. You have to back click to the Table of Contents and scroll through hundreds of subjects trying to find the correct subject to click on; this is time consuming and frustrating. After you find the subject and click on it you are finally taken to the proper “page” in the book, who knows what page number. After you are finished with that subject and need to go back to the Doctrinal Harmony of Gospels or Table of Contents you cannot click back to them. If you click the back arrow, you go to the previous “page.” You have to go completely out of the book and start over. This ebook process is cumbersome. It could be made more user friendly.

Not Like The Books
By , Submitted on 2019-01-27

The eBook of Doctrinal New Testament Commentary is not like the books. The Contents lists subjects not the scriptures, making it more difficult to find the scripture you want commentary info

Missing stuff and a bit sloppy
By , Submitted on 2017-01-15

Seems like this was just thrown together. I own the book versions of this and they are excellent. A few ways this is different: a) The original version includes a copy of the King James version of the text, then section showing the inspired version of the any verses that need to be modified, finally it then goes into Brother McConkie's commentary. The digital version only has the commentary. Additionally I have found at least several sections that are completely missing (see 2 Peter 2-3) from the digital version.

I was excited to buy these, since I really like the originals but have been disappointed by the quality of this ebook version. The largest annoyance is due to missing sections from the original.