Doctrine and Covenants Speaks, Volume 1

by Roy W. Doxey

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Product Description

The Doctrine and Covenants Speaks by Roy W. Doxey provides most stimulating reading, dealing as it does with the revelations of the Lord which are included in this significant standard work of the Church. The author has made a lifetime study of the scriptures and in this volume shares his enthusiasm and wide knowledge with the readers.

That the Doctrine and Covenants is geared to today's restoration of the gospel makes the message of the book unmistakable and clear. Elder Doxey has studied the directives included in this volume and has analyzed them and explained them simply and effectively. He has occasionally used pertinent quotations from leading authorities of the Church—both past and present—to reinforce the teachings.

The Doctrine and Covenants Speaks is an invaluable book to have available in home and church libraries for reading and frequent discussion.

About the Author

Roy W. Doxey

ROY W. DOXEY (1908-1992) was widely known throughout the Church as a great teacher of latter-day scripture. Some of his other works include The Doctrine and Covenants Speaks (a two volume work), The Doctrine and Covenants and the Future, and Prophecies and Prophetic Promises from the Doctrine and Covenants. Brother Doxey served as dean of Religious Instruction at BYU and as director of correlation for The Church. He presided over the Eastern States Mission and was a Regional Representative of the Council of the Twelve.

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