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Still reading and still enjoying
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I'm just getting starting...finishing the first chapter but already I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I love that she writes in "plain and simple" language, easily understood, and that she is sharing experiences that we all from time to time share. Helps me, certainly, to already see a new perspective. Looking forward to getting through to the end and coming out with a brighter outlook on life and all that it holds.

LOVE this book!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This is a fantastic book! I have been following Michelle's blog for years and I'm so excited to see her creative style in print!! I love the way Michelle shares her message and how she weaves truth and humor into each of her experiences and stories :) She is a master story teller, which allows me to instantly feel part of her journey while still feeling the healing power of her message. I can't wait for more publications from Michelle Wilson!!

Great Reminders About Our Worth
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I don't spend much of my reading time on non-fiction since more often than not reading non-fiction feels like a bit of a chore. But, when I was given the opportunity to review Michelle Wilson's new book, Does This Insecurity Make Me Look Fat?, I decided it would be a good book to start the new year.

I've had a lot of changes in my life over the past year, and some of the effects have manifested themselves physically. Quite bluntly, I've gained weight and am not happy with larger clothing sizes and what hides beneath (although I am very grateful for clothing and its hiding capabilities). Feeling the "weight" of this new insecurity, I thought this book would be a good way to help me feel better about myself.

I can't say that any of the concepts Michelle addresses are new, although sometimes it's good to hear what you know, but haven't been thinking about. I really appreciated the humor and personal stories that Michelle included throughout the book to drive her points home.

A main focus of this book is perspective, and looking at ourselves as our Heavenly Father sees us. Too often we set our own expectations too high, and we beat ourselves up about not meeting these expectations.

One of my favorite quotes came in a section about guilt.

"The laundry doesn't cry when it doesn't get folded. Neither should you."

I also really enjoyed the elevator analogy that reminded us that Heavenly Father doesn't give us more than we can handle-He helps us through those hard times in our lives.

Michelle's thought about importance also stood out to me.

"I do not have to be somebody 'important' to do important things. I simply have to be me and do what He asks of me."

I also liked the reminder about the Atonement:

"Through the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we may choose the paths we take and the people we want to be."

Along those lines, I also appreciated this quote:

"As you exercise more faith in yourself and in Him, you will be amazed at the things He will accomplish in you and through you."

None of what I read is a direct tip on finding more energy after I get home from work, and making better choices in what I eat, but Michelle's reminders help me know that what I see in the mirror isn't as important as what I am inside. Heavenly Father doesn't think I'm worth less because I went up a pant size. He loves me, and is always there for me.

Whatever issues might be causing you to feel insecure, there is hope. And, you are better than you think you are!

Uplifting, funny, powerful
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I love how Michelle is able to share stories about herself so that you can really get to know her and see examples of what she means. And she is so funny! I wish I could meet her in real life! She is so great at expressing how many women feel about one thing or another. I think all women can identify with at least one thing she talks about and probably more than one - feeling sorry for ourselves, needing the approval of others, comparing ourselves to others, being afraid, being envious, doubting ourselves, feeling guilt, or feeling shame.

But she takes all of these things we can sometimes feel and tells us why we don't need to feel that way; why we shouldn't judge ourselves by how the world sees us, but by how God sees us. Michelle dives into what God expects of us and how to build a better relationship with Him.

My favorite part of the book is Part 2 which talks about choosing to be how we want to be. Changing takes a lot of work and breaking through barriers we create, but we can do it! I love this quote from her book,
"We are responsible for who we are and who we will become. It might be a scary notion, but it's also an exciting one. We can--and should--decide who and what we are and will be and and how happy we will be (111)."

I think this is a great book for all women to read because we can all be a little more confident and we all have things we need to improve on. But as Michelle points out, God doesn't expect us to be perfect and He doesn't expect us to change all at once.

I loved her message of Perspective
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

It’s been a while since I’ve sailed through a nonfiction book as quickly as I did Does This Insecurity Make Me Look Fat?. Only eight pages into it, I read the words Michelle had told herself during her day-long pity party and heard their familiar echo in my mind. Soon I was asking myself, “Who is this woman? And how does she know me so well??”

Michelle’s voice is genuine. Her writing style is fun and easy to read. The stories that she shares in relation to the principles she discusses are quick, relatable, effective, and often entertaining. I exhausted a pad of Post-Its leaving notes on pages I wanted to reread and highlight. I look forward to going back through the book and revisiting those paragraphs that inspired me.

“We are not required to be all things, but we are asked to do our best. We are to magnify who we are, not necessarily what we do. An immaculate house, perfectly behaved children, and an unbroken record of punctuality will not matter if our character is tainted with pride, anger, selfishness…and guilt.” –page 46

I laughed out loud several times. I truly enjoy her sense of humor. Michelle knows how to intermingle the funny and the serious without detracting from the spiritual message.

I cried at least half a dozen times but in a hopeful, I-needed-to-hear-that kind of way. I appreciated the sincerity I felt from her. I loved her message of Perspective and how strongly she advocates for women to see themselves as Heavenly Father sees them.

The Nine Expectations she outlines are excellent. They fill me with hope. I plan to print them and hang them where I can see them every day.

One of the analogies Michelle shared that really stood out to me was the story of when her daughter really wanted to help her, but she kept saying no, preferring to accomplish the tasks on her own.

“We so deeply want to be heard and to be helped, but when the help comes, we often turn it away. Sometimes we feel unworthy of His help. Sometimes we are prideful and don’t want to be helped in His way…It is up to us to hear Him and accept His answers. It is up to us to let Him help us.“ –page 68

Some time later, her daughter asked again and she accepted her help. After they were finished, her little daughter thanked her, gave her mom a hug, and told her she really loved her. Through my tears, I read the following:

“I looked down at her and realized that her desire to help me wasn’t just because she liked to help. It was because she loved me. … Heavenly Father sends help to us not because He doubts our abilities but because He loves us…” –pages 69-70

There is so much more. I could go on and on. I highly recommend Does This Insecurity Make Me Look Fat?. It is worth every one of the five stars I’m giving it.

Review originally published on LDS Women's Book Review:
Free review copy provided in exchange for an honest review.

Splendid Book. Empowering.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This book was for me. I was already bawling by page ten! I was in tears intermittently throughout the book because I'm going through some insecurities now and therefore could relate to the anxieties the author illustrated. Plus, the scriptural references had me feeling loved and understood so the water works of comfort came easily. I was reminded that life throws each of us a variety of Enemies of Perspective (false reality) but having the right Perspective (way God views things) to combat them makes for a winning day. This book equipped me with the tools to remember God's eternal perspective (the bigger picture) and how to daily apply it to my life.

Ms. Wilson had chock-full of personal examples that provided great analogy to make a point. After all, analogies are the modern day parables. It's a fantastic way to grasp a concept being presented. It's scary how some of them described me to the T! It seems like I've found my spiritual twin. But in seriousness, the big take out for me was that Heavenly Father is truly at my side championing for my success in my life. That understanding inspires me to be confident and with a twist to the title, I can instead ask, "Does this confidence make me look magnificent?".

Geared to women but the principles can apply to any that may feel insecure. I highly recommend this book to those wanting or needing to be uplifted. Ms. Wilson has a pulsing way of bringing to remembrance the power of God's love of hope and faith in each of us. You will see yourselves in her words and then you will find peace in God's.

Thank you Ms. Wilson for this splendid book. It is helping me.

Change your life with a new perspective by reading this book
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Michelle Wilson's new book is full of spark. Her insights are on target and she arms women to combat the negativity around us. I love her honest narrative and witty anecdotes that teach great principles that all women need to embrace to kick insecurity to the curb.

Does This Insecurity Make Me Look Fat? is an inspiring book that will help you see yourself as God sees you and that is what matters most.

There are so many freeing concepts in this book that have helped me change my perspective and remember what my true purpose is in life. I'm ready to embrace this new year and put Michelle's training to work increase my personal happiness.

Every LDS woman should read this book!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Sometimes you read a book that leaves a permanent mark on your brain and your soul. This was that kind of book for me. This is a non-fiction book, religious in nature, full of inspiration, good advice and the pep talk that can get you through life's challenges. This book is geared mostly to the LDS audience, but I do believe that women of any faith would be better for reading this book.

This was the perfect book to start out the new year. I'm not a resolution maker but I do believe in constantly trying to be better and do better. I just loved this book. I loved the messages, the delivery and I loved how it made me feel. This should be mandatory reading for every LDS woman.

I'm going to try to point to a few things that especially stood out to me. First is a quote that I actually sent to my son who is serving a mission in England right now. It suited him so perfectly. I know it applies to me as well. It was my first big underlining moment in the book. (yes, I did underline it. With a green pen.)

"When we being to catch glimpses of who we really are, we can then begin to see the miracles that God can perform through us. There are people who need to be loved, to be served, to be taught, to be mended, to be healed. We are His hands here on earth, and our greatest joy is to be found when we are actively engaged in a good cause and furthering His work and purposes." (pg. 17)

The next part I really loved was in the chapter "I'm Right Here". It talks about God having faith in us. It says, "He has faith in me. He knows I can overcome. He expects nothing less, because He knows I can do it. . . If God tells me I can do it, then I must accept that. God is perfect- He cannot lie. Therefore, I must be able to do anything He asks me to do."

I loved the call to action. We cannot be lukewarm, we must get up and do something, be something. We must do it in the right way.

I feel like I'm giving you the whole book here but I honestly loved it. I'm going to go back and read it more carefully- looking up scriptures and spending time pondering for my own enlightenment. This book inspired me to change some things. It inspired me to do better and to be better. Thank you Michelle Wilson for sharing this with me.

Relatable Book!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I love that the author brought real experiences and limitations to life with humor in this all inspiring book! I found myself dog-earring pages to remind myself that other people go through the same things - and through our Father in Heaven, anything is possible! Thank you Michelle for bringing this to the world!

Look at yourself through Gods eyes!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

In this book, author Michelle Wilson focuses on how we can get ourselves out of the rut of insecurity and discover that we are beautiful creations of our Heavenly Father. Right up front she tells readers that this book is an "extended pep talk" that will give you motivation and the ability to overcome the depressing thoughts that drag us down. She also shares that it is much more than that though when she emphasizes the profound and simple message of the book, that we can "find joy, peace, and confidence when we learn to see ourselves…and life through God's eyes." I loved it! A short simple read that is BIG on wisdom!

Seeing things the way God would have us...
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Michelle is a master at taking complex Gospel truths and making them simple and profound. And entertaining! With a message that is ALWAYS needed reminding of, this book will help put things back in focus and give you the Gospel perspective on life, which is the most meaningful, satisfying and inspiring of all.

Fun quick read with a great message
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This was a feel-good book in a lasting way. Michelle is a very real person with a very real message. Great stories and great humor and great insights into a very common problem among women in particular. Loved it!

An empowering reminder of how our perspective changes everything!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Michelle's humor and personal experiences make this a very fun yet inspirational read. We can all relate to her candor on the journey of womanhood and the insecurities we incorrectly sabotage ourselves with. She refocuses our thinking with her spiritual insights.
You will laugh. You will cry. Most importantly you'll walk away with a new found confidence as you realign your personal perspective in a more productive & useful way. Use a highlighter!

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