Do's and Don'ts of Dating

by Hank Smith

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If Hank Smith could have things his way, he would give all young men and young women an expensive sports car to help them learn about the do's and don'ts of dating. But unfortunately, even though he can do a great "rich guy look," Brother Smith isn't made of money - so you'll just have to settle for him telling you about this amazing car and what it has to do with dating. With his trademark humor, Hank shares a message from the "owner's manual of dating." Drawing on some hilarious experiences from his own dating years, poignant stories of others, and the wise counsel of the prophets and other Church leaders, Brother Smith shares an important message that youth will relate to and appreciate. Whether you're in the middle of the dating scene or still not quite old enough to drive, The Do's and Don'ts of Dating will take you on an entertaining and inspiring ride you won't soon forget.

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About the Author

Hank Smith

Hank Smith teaches in the Religious Education Department at BYU and is a favorite speaker for Especially for Youth, Best of Especially for Youth, and BYU Education Week. Hank and his wife, Sara, were both born and raised in St. George, Utah. They are the parents of one daughter and two sons. Brother Smith enjoys running marathons and eating lots and lots of ice cream (which is why he runs marathons). More than anything else, he loves being at home spending all day with his wife and children.

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(based upon 5 reviews)

By , Submitted on 2018-11-30

I am only 13 but I know a good book when I see one, and this is a great book

Catches a teens attention!!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I bought this cd without knowing any history on Brother Smith. I bought this talk purely by its' title. I listened to it on the way home and I laughed and cried so hard! He hits the nail right on the head. It's entertaining enough to keep teens interested without dazing off and the message is delivered in such a manner that teens have no option but to take it all in. I loved it. So did my 16 & 20 year old. We listen to it over and over!!

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Brother Smith is amazing! His talks are always perfect, and always help me through whatever it is I'm going through at the time, whether it's involved in dating or not.

He always makes everyone laugh, and at the same time, can be so serious and get everyone's attention under control. He really knows how to speak well with the youth of any age and that's very hard to find in most teachers. I love the way he talks about how important it is for both male and female to watch out for each other in dating.

Such a good cd and I highly reccomend it. In fact, I'll always buy his cd's.

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Hank Smith has a 'gift' :) My entire family LOVES this CD so much that I went out and bought all the rest of Hank's CDs and we have been listening to them for a week straight! Thank you Hank

Remarkably and hilariously profound
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

As a mother of six awesome kiddo's, I am so appreciative of Bro. Smith's talks on CD. We buy them as soon as we see he has a new one out. He is the most quoted & famous person in our home, and we ALL love to listen to his CD's; even my little ones! I TRULY feel that with his wonderful sense of humor and understanding of teenagers, he really helps to make our parental job of teaching & guiding our precious children through a wicked world a whole lot easier.
"The Do's and Don'ts of Dating" is my new absolute favorite of all his talks on tape. He delivers many moments of heart touching testimony through side-aching laughter! Bro. Smith is down right FUNNY! But his profound insight in this CD was especially amazing, We were all captivated as we listened intently to this new CD. Even my very energetic 6 year old twins were stilled as they felt the spirit too. Bro. Smith's ability to reach not only teenagers, but adults and children a like is such a gift! What a blessing it is to all of us that he is so willing to share!
I HIGHLY and enthusiastically recommend "The Do's and Don'ts of Dating," along with all of the rest of his talks on CD to everyone with or without children.

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