Double Deceit

by Stephanie Humphreys

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As a young widow, all Elaina Bryant wants is a fresh start. Determined to put ten painful years behind her, she returns to her hometown and moves in with her sister, Natalie. Elaina soon accepts a job working at a small bookstore owned by the handsome Ryan Hill and his mother. Despite her reluctance to become romantically involved with anyone, she is drawn to Ryan and finds herself falling in love.

But someone isn't happy with Elaina's new life and is watching her every move. Her tormentor seems determined to destroy her sanity and her future, but Elaina can't convince anyone the threat is real. Natalie is preoccupied with her own blossoming romance, and Ryan and Elaina's friend Peter seem to believe the threat has been manufactured in her own mind a result of her guilt and grief.

Now Elaina's plans for a new start are crashing down around her. She knows she will have to find the answers on her own before she can ever overcome the past and enjoy love and happiness again. But how can she protect those she loves when she doesn't know whom to trust?

About the Author

Stephanie Humphreys

At an early age, Stephanie discovered the joy of the written word. As the oldest of six children, she had many opportunities to practice her storytelling skills on her siblings. She filled notebooks with poetry and wrote plays for her brothers, sisters, and neighborhood friends. But her biggest dream was to be a novelist.

Stephanie and her husband Rick have a combined family of six children. She stays involved with the theatre by serving on her community’s cultural arts board, and she supports literacy by serving on the public library board. She has always used books to escape the pressures of life, explore faraway places, and learn new things. When she isn’t writing, Stephanie loves to spend time with her family, sew, embroider, and read. She and her family reside in Alberta, Canada.

Stephanie’s first novel, Finding Rose, was published in 2010 by Walnut Springs Press. You can visit Stephanie at her website,, or her blog, She would enjoy hearing from her readers and can be contacted at

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A Very Suspenseful Page-Turner!!!!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25


Double Deceit by Stephanie Humphries
This is the first book by Stephanie that I've read and this is her second. She has done a great job of writing a very suspenseful novel.
The story starts out with Elaina Bryant, a young 26 year old widow, who has come back, after a ten year absence from her childhood home with her mom and younger sister, to start over after a devastating accident that took the lives of her husband and baby daughter.
When she is offered a job at the local bookstore, she feels good. When she begins to fall in love with her boss, Ryan Hill and his mother Sandra is telling her eerie things concerning her dead daughter, she becomes distrustful of everyone, even her best friend Peter, who has loved her sister Natalie for years, but hasn't spoken of his feelings. When Natalie meets a guy agt aSingle's Conference, she falls hard for him.
When Elaina begins receiving strange letters from her deceased husband, even datged afterf his death, she thinks she's losing her sanity, but then she receives crank phone calls, even at the bookstore that no one believes. When she also receives a CD with her daughter's crying, she truly believes she's lost it. When Peter is out on a call the night she brings in a photograph as evidence she's not crazy, she decides to go find the answers herself, which puts herself in grave danger.
If you enjoy suspense with a twist, this book is for you.
I received this ARC from Walnut Springs Press.

Publisher: Walnut Springs Press
Date Published: July 2011
ISBN: 978-1-935217-94-7

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