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Adventure tying past and present together
By , Submitted on 2017-12-25

Charley Sawyer returns to his parents beach house in Oregon to find it ransacked. Why? His parents have been dead over a year? He finds a key that leads to a safe deposit box and further mysteries with a double eagle $20 coin.
Meanwhile, Mac Bowman has a mystery of her own, a pouch that was donated by a local woman in southern Utah which comes from the Oregon coast.
Mac and Charley, their grandads and two couples from "Beyond the Narrows" come together to solve a new life threatening set of mysteries on the Oregon coast.
Beyond the Narrows had a breakneck pace. Double Eagle Double Cross doesn't have the same pace, but the mystery is just as intriguing. The author feeds out clues sparingly. I did think that one character was probably a bad guy but I wasn't sure how things fit with the texts that appeared at end of chapters or in chapter breaks.
A great read. The mature friends are a hoot and Mac and Charley's romance is sweet and awkward.

A little slow at the beginning, but great book!
By , Submitted on 2017-08-24

As this book opened, I wasn't sure I was going to like it. The opening felt a bit slow, but as the plot thickened I got more and more interested and I ended up completely loving it!

It was fun to see all of the characters I loved from Beyond the Narrows back in this one. How can you not love Mac, Charley and the wonderful group of older people that love to push these two together?!

I liked that you see the story from both Mac's and Charley's point of view. Since they aren't together for most of the story that's really helpful. They are both great characters and it was fun to "see" the situations through their eyes.

I liked the plot too. It was mysterious and suspenseful. It was interesting to find out some of the details about how Charley's parents died and wonder just how that all fit into the plot of this one. It was kind of fun that I figured out at least one of the bad guys before the characters did. I was able to kind of yell at them what not to do. That's always fun.

I love the setting of this one. I love all of the coastal cities of Oregon, we went to some of these locations a few years ago and it was fun to have the plot take me back there again.

I really enjoyed this suspenseful book! Can't wait to see if Mac and Charley have more adventures!