Dragonfly Wings for Emmalee

by Stephen Havertz


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Smiling proved difficult on that warm August morning as she posed with our family for what were to be our last photographs taken together. Suddenly, a dragonfly appeared and hovered directly above her head as she sat perched in a swing. She giggled. "I can feel the wind of its wings on my head. It tickles." A tiny dragonfly lifted her spirits that day.

Emmalee's life and death moved people to action. Her school raised a state record of $6,243.47 in her name for Make-A-Wish Foundation.

A woman came to me during a Make-A-Wish volunteer training and revealed to me, "The only reason I am here today is because I read her obituary in the paper. I don't know you or Emmalee, but reading about her made me want to volunteer."

People across the country were amazed when they heard about her courage, wisdom and faith in God. A boy from Australia was so touched by Emmalee that he made several videos about her and started volunteering at his local children's hospital.

Her story will strengthen, teach, and inspire.

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