Driven: An Autobiography

by Larry H. Miller, Doug Robinson

Driven: An Autobiography

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When he was sixteen years old, Larry Miller came home one\r\rsummer night to find all his possessions sitting in three bags\r\ron the porch of his darkened house. The door was locked.

From those troubled and humble beginnings rose a man\r\rwhose influence has touched, according to reliable pollsters,\r\rmore than 99 percent of the population of Utah as well as\r\rmyriads of people worldwide.

Seven months before Miller passed away, he began working\r\rwith Doug Robinson on this biography. Written in first\r\rperson, the book talks about the many facets of Larry_ã_s life and\r\rlegacy and speaks candidly about the people and experiences\r\rthat influenced him. It doesn_ã_t just tell Larry Miller_ã_s story,\r\rit shares lessons — painful as well as joyful lessons — he has\r\rlearned from his experiences. This fascinating and inspiring\r\rbiography includes:

  • A moving foreword by Utah Jazz great John Stockton\r\r
  • An epilogue written by Gail Miller, Larry_ã_s wife\r\r
  • Numerous photographs\r\r
  • A firsthand look at the incredible breadth of Larry\r\rMiller_ã_s work and contributions — in business, in sports,\r\rin the arts, in his support of the Joseph Smith Papers\r\rProject, as well as his personal humanitarian service\r\r
  • A full section addressing the question Larry was most\r\roften asked: _ã–How_ã_d you do it?_ã�




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Very Very Interesting
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This book is way better than I thought. I found the stories and experiences that reflected his personality and person, truly fascinating. Larry Miller was a remarkable man. Each time I would read, I found it harder and harder to put down. This is really one of those books that you've just got to read.

The most compelling biography I've read in several years.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I cannot say enough good about this book! It's a fascinating and candid
look at a really remarkable man. While I've always admired Larry
Miller, I never met him. As I read this book, I realized I'd had almost
no idea of the breadth of his influence. There are fascinating chapters
about his experience with the Jazz and his involvement in the movie
business, but also information about the reasons he supported the Joseph
Smith Papers Project, and about some of his private humanitarian service

I liked that fact that the book is realistic. It doesn't try to make
Miller appear as a saint (though I certainly came away admiring the
man). He says, in effect, "Here's how I did it, here's what I
learned--and here's what it cost me." He doesn't shy away from talking
about some painful lessons he learned.

But it's more than a business book. Miller talks about the impact of
the gospel in his life, about the importance of family, and about the
importance of keeping your word.

I particularly liked John Stockton's foreword, Doug Robinson's
introduction, and Gail Miller's moving epilogue. Those chapters are
worth the price of the book alone, but the whole book kept my interest.
I felt I really got to know Larry Miller, and reading about him made me
want to be a better person. This is the most unusual--and
compelling--biography I've read in several years.

A candid book - I didn't really know this guy
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

After years of hearing all the ads, I really thought I knew Larry H. Miller. Turns out I didn't.

After reading Driven, I saw so many other sides to the man I knew as a car salesman and owner of the Utah Jazz. His passion and drive pushed him through everything in life.

I ended up learning a lot by reading about Mr. Miller. He knew the only thing he had to give was his work ethic, and decided he would flat out work harder than everyone else to achieve success. Now, I'm not sure I am ready to put in 60 hour work weeks, but I could push myself a little harder.

The thing that touched me most about the book, however, was learning about his dear wife, Gail. What a trooper. She is one amazing woman. Read the epilogue. You won't regret it.

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Doug Robinson is a columnist and feature writer for the Deseret Morning News, where he has worked since graduating from Utah State University in 1978. Doug has written many columns on sports personalities and events over the years. He is the author of Trials and Triumphs: Mormons in the Olympic Games. He and his wife, Lori, have three children.

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