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Powerful Film!
By , Submitted on 2015-10-08

Do you believe in the power of prayer? While not every disaster is diverted through prayer, I believe that sometimes it actually is. While sometimes prayer only strengthens the person doing the praying--a small miracle in itself--sometimes, it allows the Lord and His angels to intervene. Based on actual events, this movie was excellent. It was well acted, professionally produced, and touching (I teared up). It was suspenseful but not overly scary, and in fact, I would allow older children to see it because of the message it teaches. It would empower them if they ever find themselves in a similar situation (I hope that wouldn't happen). I think there was a good balance between being LDS and not overly so in the hopes that the rest of the world can appreciate LDS belief in prayer and protection in the form of angels. I also appreciated the bonus features with stories from the survivors.
*I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review.

By , Submitted on 2015-10-02

I am at a loss for words. This DVD has touched my heart and reminded me that we are watched over. This is an amazing movie.

Emotional and Powerful
By , Submitted on 2015-10-02

I don't know how anyone could end this movie and not believe that God is real and miracles exist.

This movie is based on actual events that occurred in Cokeville, Wyoming 1986. I wasn't familiar with this story before hearing about the movie coming out. I was a young teenager in 1986 and not paying attention to the world around me much past how it effected me directly. But this story deserves to be heard. It is a movie that speaks of tragedy and triumph. It is based on faith in God and the miracles that surrounded a school full of children when a terrorist took over.

As I watched this movie, I was filled with all kinds of emotions. As a parent, one of my worst nightmares is to have something like this happen to one of my children. I can't even imagine how scary this day must have been for all involved. I was touched by the efforts of the teachers who were willing to sacrifice themselves to save those children and did whatever they could that day to protect them. My heart was full of gratitude for the miracles that the people of Cokeville received that day.

It's hard to understand why some people get miracles like this and some do not. There are so many instances of terror in schools that do not end this way. It breaks my heart. But while I do not know why miracles happen for some and not for others, I do know that when miracles happen, we should celebrate and acknowledge them as such.

I didn't know this until this movie was coming out, but there is a family in my neighborhood that was involved in this. They had two children in this school on this day. That really brought this story closer to home for me. It's been great to hear about their support for this movie.

This was such a good movie. It enlightened me, it made me feel. I ended the movie feeling so emotional but also so grateful.

Content: I would not let my young teenage daughter watch this. She is very sensitive to things like this and because I know her, I know it would scare her for sure. It is rated PG-13 for a good reason. While there isn't anything overly graphic, the scenes are portrayed very realistically and may frighten children.

TRUE, Faith Promoting, Suspenseful Masterpiece
By , Submitted on 2015-09-28

Cokeville Miracle Motion Picture Review

On May 16th 1986 a mentally crazed man, with enough explosives to completely destroy the building and kill all of the people inside, occupied an elementary school in Cokeville, Wyoming. He held all of the 154 people in the school hostage and threatened to blow up the school if he did not receive a two million dollar ransom for each of the 136 children.

What happened in the school was beyond belief for everyone, from believers to atheists. Prayers were answered. When the bomb went off, every one of the 154 hostages were able to escape by following directions from what we would call “guardian angels”; deceased relatives who came to them. The children said it was angels that saved them. The only people to die in the explosion were the bomber and his wife.

This TRUE story was confirmed by dozens and dozens of witnesses who were actually in the school when it was blown up. The Cokeville Miracle is as intense as any film. You will be on the edge of your seat throughout this unforgettable motion picture. Even the details portrayed actually happened. There was no screenplay. The director told me he just filmed the story as it was given to him by those who were in the school.

Acting in the film is superb. One memorable performance was a teacher who volunteered with the captor to give her life for the children. It was a conversion experience for an unbelieving man whose story is told in the film.

Evidence in the film for life beyond the grave is unquestionable because there were so many witnesses, because of how the people were saved, and because it is true from beginning to end. Seeing the film will be a faith promoting experience for people of all Christian faiths, and non-Christian faiths as well. It could also be a conversion experience for skeptics and non-believers.

Absolutely inspiring
By , Submitted on 2015-09-28

I loved this movie. I was afraid that it would be hard for me to watch the little children be threatened. It ripped my heart out but it was very tastefully done. I cried, a lot, but I also laughed, and most of all I was inspired.

By , Submitted on 2015-09-18

This movie is AMAZING!
So well done!

Cannot even imagine going through something like that--

SO GRATEFUL they are sharing their story!

I have had the opportunity to talk with quite a few survivors now and even the filmmaker TC Christensen-

I am always so touched by their own personal stories-- I also like to learn what grade there were in and who their angel was.

While this movie is about a terrible event I felt that the focus was more on the miracles that took place that protected all of the children and teachers.

I came away feeling very uplifted and inspired.

A Powerful and Inspiring True Story
By , Submitted on 2015-09-15

I have seen this movie several times in theaters and love it more each time. Never before have I been to a movie where the entire audience sits reverently through the entire credits. The message and feeling from this film is that strong. Everyone should see this film! It is such a powerful and inspiring true story! The cinematography and special effects are awesome. The acting is on point - Nathan Stevens gives a great performance as the mad man David Young and even the child actors did a great job. T.C. Christensen did an amazing job of telling this story; it's his best film yet. After having researched more on the subject, I've found that the movie is incredibly accurate. It's cool to see a small independent film do such an amazing job creating something meaningful and powerful. Each time I've seen it, I can't stop thinking about it.

Touching film for people of any faith
By , Submitted on 2015-09-11

I just came from a local showing of The Cokeville Miracle, and wanted to recommend it. It was a touching film for people of any faith. Yes, there was a bit of preaching, especially towards the end (thus the missing stars), but otherwise it was a well-done, suspenseful film. And yes, even though I knew the outcome of the actual event, I cried a couple of times. If the preaching bit had been omitted, it would have been a four star for sure. Excellent for families, but too scary for younger kids.

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