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Can't Stop the Tears
By , Submitted on 2017-11-06

This movie was so touching. Perhaps it was due to all that I had been going through that weekend (lost my job, was released from my church calling, family squabbles, what have you). So when I went to the movie theater by myself (alone again), I noticed this film was showing. Though I'd not heard of the film, it had a profound affect on me, as if it was calling out to me, saying "Come and find peace." So, following that influence, I went in.

The fact that I was alone in that theater to see this film made its message all the more profound. I had gone to see an "action" movie. Instead, I was fed, not realizing how hungry my soul really had been.

Singing with Angels spoke to me: lost, alone, struggling. But rather than wallowing in my sorrows, I was being uplifted to new heights. Each emotional tug in the film soothed those same emotions I had, until minutes earlier, struggled with. I sang along with the music and stood and cheered in the final credits.

I left the theater that night in tears. But not the tears I was shedding before. These were tears of joy.

A beautiful piece
By , Submitted on 2017-09-18

At first I thought it would be sort of a promotional movie for the choir but it's not. It's really a beautiful movie, relating a story based on true events about how music can bring people to themselves, and through the Gospel, find their way to what they are meant to be. It's very emotional and touching on every way it can. I strongly recommend people to give it a chance.

Can't wait to get my copy
By , Submitted on 2016-10-03

I loved this movie when I saw it at the theater. I can't wait until I can get it on DVD. It was such a touching and uplifting story. Made me cry the whole way through and the Choir sounded beautiful.