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By , Submitted on 2017-04-22

I thought the actors did a great job of portraying these real life characters. They looked the part and sounded the part too. I loved the scenery. I learned things about these three people that I didn't know. LDS history buffs may find this interesting.

This was literally an hour of three guys sitting around the fire talking. It isn't a movie so much as a documentary of sorts. Children will not be impressed by this movie. My teenager quickly became bored. Even my adult children were less than impressed. I think we all pictured something a little different. It might have been better if there had been some flashbacks to the stories the characters were describing that included movement and acting things out. Instead, it was just talking, talking, talking.

I think if you go into this understanding that it isn't a movie in the traditional sense, and more of a documentary exploring an idea of what would happen if these three men met one night around a campfire, you will enjoy it more. The stories shared were interesting, touching and religious.

Content: Some talk about polygamy, characters talk about cursing and swearing but you never hear actual words, some religious elements

Story Tellers: An Evening with Colorful Characters
By , Submitted on 2017-04-07

Fans of the L.D.S. historically famous Porter Rockwell & J. Golden Kimball, will delight in this little known account of their meeting with Mark Twain! It was very interesting, yet, presented in low-key, relaxed production. It borders a Documental genre. This is not reviewed and rated as a movie.
The actors did a fabulous job portraying their characters. The setting was perfect. The only complaint I have is in the beginning of the film presentation, the background music drowned out the voices of the actors but it improved within a few minutes. The music score enhanced the perfect setting and was very effective.
This receives a Four Stars rating
*This DVD was a gift. I am not asked to give a positive review. This is my honest Review.

By , Submitted on 2017-04-06

My first impression after turning this movie on was that I loved seeing some familiar landscapes. The inclusion of Bridal Veil Falls caught my attention, and I was very impressed with the cinematography. I loved the fall colors!

I’m not sure how they came up with the idea for this, but it made for an entertaining movie. I am familiar with all three characters, but didn’t know much about J. Golden Kimball. It was fun learn a bit more about him. I enjoyed the interaction between all three characters, but my favorite was definitely Porter Rockwell. While on the whole it’s a pretty light movie, there are times with high emotion. I really liked the ending where we learn why one of the men wasn’t there by happenstance. His reason added to his character.

This is a clean, entertaining movie that I'd watch again.

Fun for the whole family.
By , Submitted on 2017-04-05

This DVD surprised me. My thoughts were that it would be nice to watch a story that could inspire me, pass a few moments being entertained. I didn't expect it to be as good as it was.

I knew that it would be three men from history sitting around the campfire swapping stories. That is what the premise of the story is. I was inspired. I laughed.I got to know more about each of the men's stories and families. This is a family friendly film, so I wondered how they would portray J. Golden Kimball's swearing dilemma. It was a lot like Yosemite Sam. Hilarious.

My biggest take away was the description of life during the 1800's. Life as a riverboat captain, life in a pioneer community, and life as fugitives running from religious persecution. The practice of polygamy was also explained.

This felt like it could have happened. There is something about a camp fire that brings out the story telling in everyone. We listen and share. I thought the actors did a wonderful job of portraying their characters. The whole film was well done.

This does contain religious content. J. Golden Kimball and Porter Rockwell were early believers in the LDS (Mormon) faith. There is also a lot of mumbled swearing. Good for the whole family.

Source: I received a copy of the film from the publisher. The thoughts and opinions expressed are honest.

Fun and touching DVD!
By , Submitted on 2017-03-30

This DVD reminds me a little bit of one of those jokes. J Golden Kimball, Porter Rockwell and Mark Twain walk into a bar...but seriously I really enjoyed it!

I liked the way that each of the characters was introduced in a different and clever way. I liked that this DVD made these real life people seem more real than the myth they seemed to me before. I liked the whole thing, it was clever (I laughed out loud at some parts), and fun. But it was serious when it needed to be.

Something that actually really touched me about this was when J Golden Kimball was talking about polygamy and the reason for it. He talks about how it was a service and that there was no way his dad would walk away from serving the women and children that needed it. Wow, that thought actually brought tears to my eyes. I've never thought of polygamy that way before.

Anyway, make sure to get your own copy of this one to watch. You won't be sad that you did!

By , Submitted on 2017-03-22

One of the highlights at the recent LDS Film Festival was the first screening of "STORY TELLERS: An Evening with Colorful Characters". It explores what might have happened if three of the most colorful men of their time happened to meet one evening in the wilderness. Imagine author Mark Twain stumbling into the camp of Porter Rockwell and J. Golden Kimball and almost getting himself shot. Three of the most colorful men of their time probing each other and coming to know and respect each others views in a new light. Beautifully written and acted this 68 minute presentation provides a delightful entertainment that should find favor with young adults and adults while giving the viewer a little bit of a different slant on three very fascinating historical characters. Well directed by John Lyde, This DVD would make a great gift for anyone interested exploring the world of "what if..."