Educating Zion

by BYU Studies

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Twenty-three landmark speeches by Church and University leaders about the religious and academic nature of education in Zion and BYU. These speeches have charted and refined the singular course of LDS higher education.

Everyone will want to be familiar with these valuable statements about academic learning in a spiritual atmosphere by some of our greatest educators, including David O. McKay, Spencer W. Kimball, Dallin H. Oaks, Boyd K. Packer, Gordon B. Hinckley, and Merrill J. Bateman.




History of the Academy (Brigham Young Academy Founder’s Day, October 16, 1891) by Karl G. Maeser

Inaugural Address (BYU Presidential Inauguration of Franklin S. Harris, 1921) by Franklin S. Harris

The Church University (BYU, 1937) by David O. McKay

The Charted Course of the Church in Education (BYU Summer School, August 8, 1938) by J. Reuben Clark Jr.

The Calling of BYU (BYU Faculty Workshop, September 18, 1962) by Ernest L. Wilkinson

Climbing the Hills Just Ahead: Three Addresses by Spencer W. Kimball

1. Education for Eternity (BYU Faculty Workshop, September 12, 1967)

2. Second-Century Address (BYU Founder’s Day, October 10, 1975)

3. Installation of and Charge to the President (BYU Presidential Inauguration of Jeffrey R. Holland, November 14, 1980)

An Eternal Quest—Freedom of the Mind (BYU, May 13, 1969) by Hugh B. Brown

Installation of and Charge to the President (BYU Presidential Inauguration of Dallin H. Oaks, May 4, 1971) by Harold B. Lee

Academic Responsibility (BYU Maeser Awards Assembly, April 27, 1971) by Robert K. Thomas

A House of Faith (BYU Conference, 1977) by Dallin H. Oaks

By Study and Also by Faith (BYU, J. Reuben Clark Law School, 1982) by Rex E. Lee

A School in Zion (BYU Conference, August 22, 1988) by Jeffrey R. Holland

Spiritual Orientation: Three Addresses by Boyd K. Packer

1. The Edge of the Light (BYU Eighteen-Stake Fireside, March 4, 1990)

2. “I Say unto You, Be One” (BYU Devotional, February 12, 1991)

3. The Snow-White Birds (BYU Conference, August 29, 1995)

Discipleship and Scholarship (FARMS Annual Banquet, September 27, 1991) by Neal A. Maxwell

Our Sacred Trust: Two Addresses by Gordon B. Hinckley

1. Trust and Accountability (BYU Devotional, October 13, 1992)

2. What the Church Expects of Each of Us (BYU Devotional, October 17, 1995)

The Dream Is Ours to Fulfill (BYU Conference, 1992) by Bruce C. Hafen

Learning in Zion: Two Addresses by Merrill J. Bateman

1. Secular Learning in a Spiritual Environment (Laying the Foundations Symposium, March 8, 1993)

2. A Zion University (BYU Devotional, January 9, 1996)

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