EFY 2012: Arise and Shine Forth

by EFY

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These uplifting songs take a modern approach to both upbeat pop songs and slower, reverent tunes. The perfect gift for teens, missionaries, and even mom and dad!

  • Arise and Shine — David Osmond
  • He'll Answer Back — Catherine Papworth
  • Never Be the Same — Erik Michels
  • All Great Men — Tim Gates
  • My Story — Kaity Whitcomb
  • I Feel My Savior's Love — Haley Gibby
  • Give It All to Him — Tel Dyer
  • Waiting for Me — Julie Yardley
  • See It In Everyone — Hannah Bradshaw
  • Glorious — Russ Dixon
  • Best Days Of Our Lives — Dustin Christensen
  • A Light Within — William Joseph

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It eventually gets good
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I honestly admit: When I listened to the CD for the first time, I was disappointed. For these past years, the EFY music agenda has been the exact same: You have the catchy contemporary pop title song, you have the Church hymn, you have the mandatory ballad, you have the mandatory for boys/for girls song, you have the instrumental track ... it's a little annoying, really.

However, the music gets produced in different languages nowadays so the EFY participants in non-English speaking countries get the music in their mother tongue. I had the privilege of overseeing the German production. Dealing with these songs and their lyrics on a daily basis for weeks and months helped me understand the deep meaning behind the songs and I learned to love each single one (except "Give it all to him" which I still don't like). My favorite song remains "Glorious" - it's the one song I loved from the very beginning and I still think it has the most amazing lyrics and is simply beautiful.

I wish that by now BYU would realize that EFY has a much broader audience than Utah. Most songs aim at what teenagers in Utah listen to. For example, you always have these absolutely terrible country songs on the CD - believe me when I say that practically no teen outside of Utah listens to country music.

I'm giving 5 stars because I love the CD so much now - but it takes some time to grow fond of it.

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