The Eleventh Brother

by Rachel K. Wilcox

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When Joseph, the eleventh son of Jacob, is sold into bondage by his brothers, Egypt is a land in turmoil—its fortune determined by the unpredictable rains that either bring prosperity or leave the people in famine and starvation. But Joseph is no common slave. Imprisoned and forgotten by all but God, he interprets a dream that reveals the future and alters his destiny. Now with his privileged Egyptian-born wife, Asenath, at his side, Joseph's transformation from the boy in the pit to the ruler of Egypt is nearly complete. But position and power cannot erase the bitterness he holds deep inside. When he suddenly comes face to face with the family that betrayed him, Joseph devises a plot to test his brothers' true character. Yet even revenge may not fill the aching hole in Joseph's heart, and the influence of a beautiful woman may be his only hope for redemption.

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Rachel K. Wilcox

After spending her high school years in the south of France, RACHEL K. WILCOX studied philosophy, literature, and film at Brigham Young University, where she graduated as the valedictorian. After college, she moved to West Africa to make a documentary film and instead used her camera to co-found a humanitarian project. She has been a researcher and case writer at Harvard Business School and writes and researches in the interdisciplinary fields of law and the humanities. She is in her final year of law school at Stanford University.

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The Eleventh Brother
By , Submitted on 2015-03-12

If you like the story of Joseph, Son of Jacob - you will enjoy this book! Rachel K Wilcox has woven an intriguing "real life" story of this amazing man from the Old Testament. The author has written a story that expands on Joseph in ways that most of us do not as we read the Old Testament. Too often we just read the scriptures, enjoy the story and learn from the lessons that are there - but what were these people like? How did they live? What emotions did they have? The Eleventh Brother gives some great insight into who Joseph, Son of Jacob and the Pharaoh's right hand man, could have been. Read the book - you will enjoy all the new things you can learn!

By , Submitted on 2015-03-03

I loved this book!! It didn't matter at all that I already knew the plot and how it would end. Most of it is told in flashback so Joseph meets up with his brothers fairly early on and it takes a while to get to the amazing ending, which brought tears to my eyes. This is a well written and well researched novel and I read most of it in one day.

The portrayal of Potiphar and his wife was interesting to me. She's always portrayed as an evil, over-the-top character and here she was his friend. It made what she did even more sad, though. This storyline was one of the most intriguing to me.

We also learn more about Judah and what happened to him after the brothers left Joseph in the wilderness. His life wasn't easy. He was more careful in his protection of Benjamin because of what he'd learned through the experience with Joseph and was determined not to repeat it.

There's a great "Note to the Reader" at the end where the author shares some of her research and I found that quite interesting. This is a fantastic read for anyone who enjoys historical fiction and/or the story of Joseph!

A fascinating story that fleshes out the story of Joseph in Egypt
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This novel really helped flesh out the story of Joseph in Egypt and made me look at Joseph and his brothers in a new way. It was very well written and the historical details the author gives helped the story come alive in a way it never has for me.

I loved the author's use of flashbacks. They helped me see how Joseph grew through each of the experiences he had. We watched him struggle with being chosen Jacob's heir and the rift caused between he and his brothers because of it; then we watched him struggle with his new life in Egypt and his experience with Potiphar's wife. We watched him struggle again while he was left alone in prison and then, as vizier when he saw his brothers again and he had to choose whether or not to forgive them. He came to understand the importance of sacrifice and to accept that there was a purpose to his trials. He also learned the importance of forgiveness and being able to let go of the past.

I also loved that the author showed us the struggles Judah went through after what he had done to Joseph. I'm sure their other brothers went through similar experiences and it helped me look at them in a different light.

For anyone wanting to learn more about the story of Joseph in Egypt and also about the culture and religion of the time, I would highly recommend this book.

Wonderfully Written!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This book is an historical novel about Joseph of Egypt. I loved reading this book! It is wonderfully written and transports the reader into the daily lives and thoughts of Joseph, his wife, his brothers, Potiphar, Potiphar's wife, and more. Rachel Wilcox does an incredible job of developing the characters that leaves the reader emotionally connected to each of the characters. I look forward to the next book by Rachel Wilcox.

Well written and enjoyable
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This is an entertaining take on the classic bible story. The author has given the characters more personality and has added a lot of great details to make this a very interesting read. I enjoyed the authors writing style and found the book an easy and compelling read.

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Oh how we LOVE the story of Joseph...

The beloved eleventh son of Jacob. Given a beautiful coat that was shredded and stained with blood. The one hated, betrayed, and sold by his brothers.

The boy who finds himself a slave in a foreign land. Joseph, who runs from Potiphar's wife and is thrown into prison. But who's dreams bring him into a place of honor and power.

And now a man who has an "Egyptian-born wife, Asenath, at his side." A ruler that is governing the barren land and giving food to those in need.

And now the story comes full circle as his brothers come to ask for life-giving sustenance. Did not Joseph dream that this would happen also?

But the family has thought he was dead.
Now this man is accusing them of being spies and thieves.

Can Joseph discover "his brothers' true character?"

Added details brings this story alive and will keep you reading until the very end.

So beautifully told!
Relive this Biblical tale.

A great version of the story of Joseph
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

The author takes the story of Joseph and fills in the blanks with what could have been. It is a fun read, taking the reader through a mixture of Egyptian and Isrealite culture, and bringing the stories of Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph into a new light. Besides the story, the author gives further historical information that helps to explain her choices for time frame and such in the story. If you enjoy H.B. Moore's books, you will enjoy this look at Joseph's story.

Great spin on an old story!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I was taken in by the personalized story of the tale of Joseph and his brothers. This is a wonderful way to become familiar with an Old Testament story and "step" into what their lives could have been like. I feel a stronger connection now to this family and learned a lot in the process.! Great read!

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