Embracing the Future: Preparing for Life After Retirement

by Roy A. Prete

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Latter-day Saints live six years longer, on average, than the population at large, giving Church members an extended period of potentially productive life and service. But the challenges of retirement, aging, and related issues will eventually need to be tackled at some point in everyone’s life. This book addresses many issues related to retirement and later life, within an LDS context, with the goal of making that time more meaningful, productive, and fulfilling.

This helpful guide contains chapters from doctors, lawyers, marriage and family consultants, gospel scholars, and others who have drawn from their own expertise, experience, and research. Many of the contributors have been selected from the Emeritus Seventy and general Church officers, including Elder John H. Groberg, Elder Alexander B. Morrison, Elder L. Lionel Kendrick, Ardeth G. Kapp, and Elaine Jack. Packed with practical, user-friendly helps, this book is a must for those seeking to embrace the future, with all its opportunities and challenges.

Contributors: Douglas E. Brinley • Stephen R. Callister • Richard O. Cowan • Joseph E. Davis • Donald B. Doty • John H. Groberg • James M. Harper • Daren K. Heyland • Elaine Jack • Ardeth G. Kapp • L. Lionel Kendrick • James O. Mason • Joseph Fielding McConkie • Alexander B. Morrison • Dennis B. Neuenschwander • Lloyd D. Newell • Carma Prete • Roy A. Prete • Layne T. Rushforth • Helen K. Warner • Barbara R. Wheeler

About the Author

Roy A. Prete

Roy A. Prete is emeritus professor of history at the Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, Ontario. He obtained his MA from Brigham Young University and his PhD from the University of Alberta. He has published several articles on World War I and a book, Strategy and Command: The Anglo-French Coalition on the Western Front, 1914. He is the editor or coeditor of eight books.

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By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

The older I get, the faster time goes by. EMBRACING THE FUTURE is fabulous resource for all of us. As we look forward to retirement and the many changes that will occur financially, physically, and emotionally, there are plenty of sources to seek out. But EMBRACING THE FUTURE compiles all the advice into one well-rounded compilation with contributions from experts in every field, in addition to a a special focus on the things that matter to Latter-day Saints the most. Highly recommended for your loved ones who are approaching the retirement years or are looking for additional guidance when preparing for the inevitable future.

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