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Book has clarity, accuracy and high interest
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Like The Enchanted Tunnel, Escape from Egypt draws the reader quickly into a compelling adventure, but with even more intrigue and suspense. Nathan and Aria are naughty enough to be likeable, and good enough to be admired. Once again, Marianne Monson delivers a story of clarity and authenticity. The information and activities at the end of the book are delightful.
I've read hundreds of children's books in my years of elementary teaching, and I give this one two thumbs up!!

Even better than the first one
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

While my niece and I enjoyed the first book, this one was even better. She does a great job with the climax and creating that sense of urgency, heroism, and danger with the exodus. As an adult, I really appreciate the research she's done to paint a better picture of the daily lives (food, clothing etc) of the people she's writing about. Through Nathan and Aria, the young readers are able to relate to the story as the siblings ask the questions the reader wants to know. I said this in my other review, but I wish these books were around in my early church education. They are accurately written and help the reader come to know the prophets as likable people with real, distinct personalities you can look up to rather than some stern photo on the wall.