Escape to Haven

by Anna Jones Buttimore

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Gwen and Edward Anderton’s bed and breakfast in the beautiful hills of Wales is a vacation spot, a hiding place, a refuge. For each guest, Haven is something different, tied to very individual reasons for being there. The current guests are no exception.

Belinda Hunt and her young son have fled to Haven to escape their past. The one thing Bel is sure of is that her angry, abusive husband will be on her trail—and very soon.

Brian McNaught takes his meals in his room, rebuffs all overtures of friendship, and disappears into the hills each day. He is fighting a personal battle, and Gwen struggles to reach out to him.

Edward’s daughter, Angela, has brought to Haven both her young family and her anger and bitterness towards her father’s new wife. As Gwen tries to reach out to Angela in love, she finds her cherished LDS faith is a particular stumbling block.

Then there are the handsome and bright young Irishmen, Steven and Danny, who have come to Wales for some outdoor adventure. The journey awaiting them, however, is more than they bargained for.

Escape to Haven is an exciting and thoroughly satisfying novel about a special place where dreams are renewed, peace is discovered, and lives are changed.

About the Author

Anna Jones Buttimore

Anna Jones Buttimore was born and brought up in the southeast of England, but lived for seventeen years in north Wales. For the last decade she has resided in the English village where she grew up, with her husband Roderic and daughters Gwenllian, Angharad, and Ceridwen. Anna is the author of ten other books, including Easterfield, No Escape, Haven, Escape to Haven, Christmas at Haven, and Honeymoon Heist.

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A lovely read!
By , Submitted on 2016-02-26

And once you’ve discovered the magic of Haven, you’ll want to return by reading Escape to Haven. Once again, the Victorian Bed and Breakfast is a special place of refuge and peace for a group of diverse guests, each bringing their own reasons to seek answers and rest within its stone walls. Buttimore shows the love of Christ in action through her well-developed characters as they experience healing and find hope. A perfectly satisfying sequel to Haven, Escape to Haven will have you packing your bags and heading off to North Wales.

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