Everyday Miracles: True Stories about God's Hand in Our Lives

by Jay A. Parry


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Do miracles occur in our day?

Of course they do. 'Beyond imagination,' wrote President Spencer W. Kimball. 'If all the miracles of our own lifetime were recorded, it would take many library shelves to hold the books which could contain them.'

Indeed, ours is a gospel of miracles. Every day we have opportunity to bear record of miraculous events--a heart changed, a prayer answered, a burden lightened, a sin forgiven. These miracles that follow the faithful are recorded in journals, news clippings, and family histories--as well as in memories and in hearts. Most miracles go unnoticed by the world at large, but those who experience them cannot deny that the Lord's hand is ever ready to bless and comfort us.

This book is a collection of simple yet life-changing experiences--everyday miracles--which come as a natural consequence of the Lord's promise that his Spirit will always be with us if we keep our covenants and remain faithful.

These stories will touch your heart and stir your memory, drawing forth the welcome discovery that your own life has been filled with a series of small, everyday miracles.

About the Author

Jay A. Parry

In addition to co-authoring several books, Jay A. Parry has published numerous articles on Church-related subjects. He has also presented a series of classes at BYU Education Week on the subject of daily miracles. He and his wife, Vicki, live in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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