Everyday Parents Raising Great Kids: How to Be the Parent You Want to Be and Raise the Children You Want to Have

by James D. MacArthur

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The MacArthur Method has helped thousands of parents raise healthy, happy children!

As parents, we want our children to grow into loving, confident, happy adults. But how do everyday, imperfect parents raise emotionally healthy and happy children? What can we do to truly strengthen and improve family relationships? Dr. James MacArthur offers practical advice with deliberate actions to create a more functional family.

  • Learn dozens of practical ideas to make a real difference in your child's life

  • Discover the five most important things you need to teach your child

  • Find out Dr. MacArthur's No. 1 action for parental success

  • Understand how to overcome relationship barriers

Praise for Everyday Parents Raising Great Kids:

'A must-read for any parent. This book is a lovely and informative approach to getting along great with your kids while you're helping them develop into good people.'

--Dr. Laura Schlessinger

'His book is more than just principles, it promotes action by parents. The self-assessments and guidelines for improving your parenting are solid and will be effective in creating positive changes in your family.'

--Dr. Jeffry H. Larson, associate editor of Family Relations Journal, certified Family Life educator, and author of The Great Marriage Tune-Up Book

'This book is powerful and empowering! If every parent in the world would read this book and apply its principles, the majority of the world's problems would be solved.'

--Anita Stansfield, author of A Captain's Heart

'The ideas to improve and enrich family life are simple yet powerful...and give the book the hand-on feel that many parenting books lack.'

--Rick Moody (psychologist) and Carol Moody (child audiologist)

'This book is a wonderful resource for any parent who wants to learn the secrets to raising healthy, happy, well-adjusted children. It's a how-to-book for everyday parents.'

--Kristy M. Forare, clinical psychologist

'Reading this book is like having a discussion with a wise father figure. It makes explicit the need to consciously attend to the important duties of being a parent and not 'sleep walk' through the process.'

--Drs. Mike and Jenny Brooks, clinical psychologists

'His book is an easy and thought-provoking read. I encourage both parents and non-parents to read it.'

--Dr. Thomas J. Kennedy, III

Published: September 2004
Pages: 277

About the Author

James D. MacArthur

Dr. James D. MacArthur and his wife, Sherri, are the parents of ten children, including two consecutive sets of twins. In addition to his work in his 'at-home laboratory,' he has spent thousands of hours as a licensed psychologist helping individuals and couples deal with parenting issues.

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Is there a sencond part of this book?
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This is a great book, writen for every parent, members and non-members. This is the perfect match of psychology and the gospel. I also use it to understand my husband! ) Next book should be 'Everyday couples developing great marriages How to be the companion you want to be and develop the marriage you want to have'. , Thanks to this excelent book now I have my little yellow note book, where I can write my evaluation (with the ten-scale), feelings, and thoughts about my family and myself as a parent! You will see that we have to improve a lot as an everyday parents! BUY IT!

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