Everything She Wants

by Sarah Alva

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Lucy Kappal can't figure out why she doesn't want to marry her sometimes-boyfriend, Charles. After all, he's perfect on paper: a returned missionary, elders quorum president, a professor at BYU. Instead of giving Charles an answer to his unexpected marriage proposal, she boards the next flight to London only to fall at the feet of the handsome pilot. The encounter leaves her heart pounding in a way it never has with Charles, and she becomes even more smitten when she sees the pilot again at her hotel.

Emerson James in London to deposit the last of his mother's ashes in Kensington Gardens. And after a fifteen-year absence, he is attempting to return to the Church as a way to find peace with his mother's death. But the Church's culture feels foreign, and he's about to give up on ever becoming a "good Mormon" when he meets Lucy in the hotel lobby.

Lucy and Emerson's new friendship opens their worlds to new possibilities and leaves them wanting more. But Lucy is torn over her feelings for Charles, and Emerson isn't sure how committed he can be to the Church, even knowing how important it is to Lucy. Inevitably, the realities of life force them apart. If given a second chance, will they have the courage to risk everything for a once-in-a-lifetime love?

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Size6 x 9
PublishedCovenant Communications 2018

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Sarah Alva

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By , Submitted on 2018-07-12

Loved it

I loved everything about this contemporary romance!
By , Submitted on 2018-04-30

Isn’t the cover of this one beautiful! It makes me want some ice cream. I loved this book from the beginning! I loved the characters, the way you felt as though you’d been on a whirlwind trip to London. And the plot! I really loved the whole thing.

First up, lets talk about Lucy. I loved the courage it took for her to have walked away from the man she’d been dating to go to England with her cousin. I really loved the way the book felt when it shows her falling in love in London. I loved the way she could tell from the way she felt that she wasn’t in love with Charles and needed to move on. Unfortunately, she didn’t end up trusting those feelings as she kept going forward with her life.

Then there’s Charles. He’s the man that Lucy runs from. You don’t see anything in the book from his point of view, but I have to say that I didn’t like him at all. He was not a nice person, even though he was the Elder’s Quorum president. He was just selfish, unkind and pushy.

And last there’s Emerson. Emerson is a pilot, he’s working on going back to church and getting his life back on track. I liked the way he sees things and all of the kind things he does for Lucy and her cousin while they’re in England. I really liked the way every time he needed someone to be there for him, Lucy just was and actually that worked the other way as well. He was there for Lucy many times when she needed someone.

The plot of this one is in a couple of different parts, there’s London. Rainy, romantic, perfect. And life after London. Less than perfect for Lucy. I was so worried about how it was going to end up, but I did love the ending!

This one is a contemporary romance that I loved! It’s got everything you need, great plot, great characters and even someone you love to hate!

Excellent Debut Novel
By , Submitted on 2018-04-28

4.5 Stars

Everything She Wants is a very impressive debut novel. Kudos to Sarah Alva for writing an entertaining story with great characters. My attention was captured right off and held throughout the story.

This is a good, quick read, and I was very interested in the decisions Lucy would make. She was torn between being herself and having the life she expected (and thought she wanted).

I really liked Emerson and his story was captivating. So many times it’s easy to be judgmental, but it was good to be reminded that we are all sinners and need the atonement.

The author did a great job of including faith and religion without it being disjointed or preachy. It was very much a part of the main characters' lives and the religious parts flowed well.

I don't always look for a message from the novels I read, but I came away from Everything She Wants thinking it was about doing the right thing for the right reason. That is definitely something to take a step back and consider in our lives.

*I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own.

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