Invaluable, Vol. 3: Exceptional

by Holly J. Wood

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With her older sister, Eliza, getting married and her mother’s unexpected pregnancy, Courtney Moore has plenty to deal with her sophomore year of high school. Add to that a jealous drill team captain, regrets over a past relationship, and mixed signals from her current crush, and Courtney’s world seems to be spiraling out of control.

When she begins having a series of dreams about a girl from nineteenth-century England, Courtney is ready to have herself committed, until these dreams lead her on to a discovery that changes everything—especially the way she views herself.

About the Author

Holly J. Wood

Holly J. Wood is an avid reader. She attended Ricks College and Brigham Young University where she pursued a degree in health science. Holly has a passion for travel and has lived briefly in Israel and Mexico. True to her name, she enjoys watching classic movies and musicals. She currently lives in Mountain Green, Utah, with her husband and two young children. Invaluable is her debut novel.

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