Expect the Miracle of Conversion

by Hartman Rector, Jr.


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For Missionaries and Members who desire to serve God.

Charity, or love plus sacrifice, is the key to bringing souls unto God. It is a fact that almost no one can turn down love. Love is the magic that makes all good things happen. When we effectively implement love plus sacrifice in our lives, then we can expect the miracle of conversion as we labor to bring souls unto Christ. But how do we effectively implement charity in our lives?

In this how-to book on successful missionary service, Elder Hartman Rector, Jr. outlines the principles that govern both the gift of charity and the miracle of conversion. These principles of conversion are grounded in the scriptures — predicated on eternal law. As we implement these principles in our lives, we become more effective missionaries and more converted members. In essence, we prepare ourselves to embark in the service of God.

From his experiences as a convert, mission president and former member of the First Quorum of the Seventy, Elder Rector shares miraculous accounts of conversion and explains the secret of the success of some of the most productive missionaries who have ever lived. A companion piece to Already to Harvest, Elder Rector's latest handbook of success is a must-have for both missionaries and member who desire to serve God.

Includes 7 keys to becoming a more effective leader, a more converted member, and a more productive missionary:

  • Understanding how Christ saves

  • Preaching with love

  • Inviting all to come unto Christ

  • Implement the Lord's success formula

  • Achieving your goals

  • Using the commitment pattern

  • Bringing forth the blessings of heaven
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