Exploring the Connection Between Mormons and Masons

by Covenant Communications


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A Fascinating New Companion Documentary to the Bestselling Book, Featuring Commentary by: Matthew B. Brown, Richard E. Bennett, Glen A. Cook, Steven C. Harper and Daniel C. Peterson.

Why did Joseph Smith become a Freemason? How was Freemasonry introduced into Nauvoo, Illinois, in the early 1840s? Do the Masons really descend from the stonemasons who built King Solomon’s Temple? Is there an ancient relationship between the Masonic lodge rites and the Mormon temple ordinances? The subject of Joseph Smith and Freemasonry sparks a wide range of responses among Latter-day Saints, from curiosity to suspicion to outright excitement. In this fascinating documentary, trusted LDS scholars — including a past Grand Master of Masons in Utah — clearly and skillfully address the subject’s history, theology, and traditional understandings. With research ranging from the particular to the panoramic, this film offers engaging, edifying exploration of the relationship between the ritual practices of Freemasonry and the blessings of the house of the Lord.

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