Eyes to See

by Ardeth G. Kapp

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Product Description

In our very busy lives, we may look but not see the things that really matter. We may listen but not hear the whisperings of the Spirit. We may think but not ponder with an eternal perspective.

A more rich and abundant life may require expanding our vision and seeing familiar things in a new way. In Eyes to See, Ardeth G. Kapp provides insights that can change the way we see ourselves and our life experiences, both the positive and the painful, to bring greater happiness and spiritual buoyancy.

"It has been said that the farther back we look, the farther ahead we can see," Sister Kapp writes. "With that thought in mind, we can be grateful for the experiences that have taught us valuable life lessons." Filled with personal stories, practical wisdom, and gospel truths, Eyes to See offers an empowering look at our own possibilities for a life well lived.

"This small but poignant volume is filled with practical wisdom, gospel truths, and enlightenment. It is full of encouragement and would be an uplifting and meaningful choice to give to friends and family members, visiting teaching sisters, and nearly everyone else on your list." —Trudy Thompson, Association for Mormon Letters

About the Author

Ardeth G. Kapp

Ardeth G. Kapp served as general president of the Young Women organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 1984 to 1992. She served with her husband, Heber B. Kapp, as he presided over the Canada Vancouver Mission. She also served as matron of the Cardston Alberta Temple. She has been a member of the Church Curriculum Planning Committee, the board of trustees for Southern Virginia University, and the boards of the Church Educational System, Deseret Book Company, and the Deseret News Publishing Company.

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