The Faith Experiment

by Laurel Christensen

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What stands in the way of your being the person you want to be?

In The Faith Experiment, Laurel Christensen describes how she learned the answer to that question: She was standing in her own way. She had put limits on her life that our Father in Heaven had never meant for her to experience. We all do it. But there is a way out—and that way is to have faith.

"Consider the possibility that God sees the potential for your life in a way that you have not seen yet—or are afraid to see," writes Laurel. "He is ready for you to choose to become the person He has always known you to be." You'll resonate to her stirring invitation to choose faith over fear.

About the Author

Laurel Christensen

Laurel Christensen, a runner, a Jane Austen devotee, and a sought-after speaker, grew up in California, Kentucky, and Missouri. After serving in the California Riverside Mission, she went on to earn a bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University and later received a master's degree. She has spent most of her career at Deseret Book Company, where she is currently Vice President of Product Development. Laurel is a favorite speaker at both Time Out for Women and Time Out for Girls, and she has published several talk CDs and books for young women.

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By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I LOVE these little Time Out Classics books.

They are short, sweet, and powerful!

They can quickly give you a boost of endurance to take just one more step towards the goal.

So many wonderful messages are given at Time Out for Women....and now these messages are captured in some wonderful books to be read, pondered, and prayed about.

Laurel Christensen is an AMAZING woman!
This book is her story of losing weight, running a half marathon and in the process learning to have faith....

She in turn teaches us how to:
Pray with Faith
Think with Faith
Live with Faith

"Are you ready to try your own faith experiment?"

I LOVED LOVED LOVED her thought:
"Don't be the ONE THING standing in YOUR way!"

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