Faith of Our Fathers, Vol. 1: A House Divided

by Nancy Campbell Allen

Faith of Our Fathers, Vol. 1: A House Divided

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It is the eve of the Civil War, and the delicate fabric of a young nation threatens to tear apart as volatile issues divide its people. James and Jeffrey Birmingham, brothers, now find themselves and their families on opposing sides of a great and terrible conflict.

James is a wealthy Bostonian with a son who is a passionate and outspoken abolitionist, and a daughter who must hide her identity as the writer of controversial newspaper articles.

Jeffrey, who lives on a South Carolina plantation, has a son who joins the Mormon Church, then leaves home after a failed attempt to free his family's slaves. Jeffrey's cowardly younger son ruthlessly preys on the weak; and his young daughter despises her family's beliefs — finding more kinship with the slaves than with her own flesh and blood.

Caught in the middle are the slaves, who, along with immigrant families, are desperate to find their place in a country that is rapidly drawing its battle lines. From the bustling streets of Boston to the lush plantation fields of the South, from the drudgery of camp life to the terrors of the battlefield, millions of lives are about to be irrevocably changed. . .

A House Divided, volume one of the epic series Faith of Our Fathers, is one of the most ambitious novels in LDS publishing history. Chronicled in this remarkable book are the lives of compelling characters in the midst of astounding events — set forth and guided by the merciful hand of our Heavenly Father.

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problematic series
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I was looking forward to reading this book and boy, was I disappointed. For a more detailed review, read what I wrote about volume 2, which is better. This opening book to a series is WAY too shallow, introducing a new character at every turn. I remember thinking, 'Okay, no new characters! I want to learn more about the ones I've already read about!' , The Church- connection aspect was just plain weak in volume one, and a TAD better in volume 2. But, remember when you thought, 'I didn't read my scriptures today, but I read 2 chapters in the WORK AND THE GLORY, I felt so uplifted and inspired!' Don't put your scriptures away for this one. There is no boost of spirituality here. The emotional parts have nothing to do with religion, but rather 'romance' or 'human trials'. I wouldn't even call this series 'LDS fiction', at least not in the first 2 books. , Why do I keep reading? Simply, because I love Civil War fiction, even examples that are contrived, sappy and overly-dramatic.

Dull, ridiculous story
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Like other reviewers, I was excited to see a Civil War novel with an LDS slant. I really enjoyed Nancy Campbell Allen's 'Love Beyond Time,' also set in the 1800s. But this series was a huge disappointment. Too many characters, too little character development. The LDS angle was weak and the overall story too far-fetched. And the author treats interracial marriages as though attitudes of the 1860s were as accepting as those of today. She didn't even mention the repercussions a mixed race couple would have suffered back then. That would have made a much more interesting story, in addition to raising readers' awareness of past injustices. If you want to tell history, you have to tell it like it really was. I kept reading, hoping the story would get better. But all 4 volumes are boring. Don't waste your time.

Must Have
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Amazing! I've seen people give this book one star, which is pitifully low on all accounts. If you love history, especially the Civil War, this is the book for you. Yes, it is a little confusing at first. But, it's like "Work and the Glory" there are a bunch of characters and you learn to get used to them.

It gives you a point of view on both sides, having characters go on adventurous events, including romance here and there. Character of Gray and Blue guide you along the way of the war dn really help you understand what people went through.

I'm just a teen, and this captured my attention. Why shouldn't it capture yours?

About the Author

Nancy Campbell Allen

Nancy Campbell Allen (N.C. Allen) has a degree in elementary education and has been writing for fun since the third grade. Her first book was published in 1999, and she now has eleven books to her credit—four contemporary romance and seven historicals, including the award-winning Civil War series Faith of Our Fathers—and plans to write until the day she dies. She loves to read, travel, and spend time with family and friends. She has completed two half marathons and is trying to talk herself into doing another one. Nancy lives in Ogden, Utah, with her husband and three children, although one recently married, moved out, and brought a son-in-law to the mix. She still maintains that this does not make her old.

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