Falling for You

by Krista Lynne Jensen

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Jetsetter Elizabeth Embry is the toast of the town. A rising star in the fashion industry, she has traveled the world and lived a life of glamour and fortune. But beneath her carefree facade, Elizabeth is running from a past that won't let her rest. When a forme rcolleague reaches out with a job offer in the sleepy town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Elizabeth feels a spark of hope—perhaps this drastic change of scene will finally allow her to slow down. Envisioning an idyllic getaway at the mountainous bed-and-breakfast that has been arranged for her, Elizabeth is caught off guard by her immediate attraction to the aloof innkeeper. Ryan Brennan is certainly handsome, but what secrets hide behind that withdrawn exterior? Surrounded by people bent on playing matchmaker, the stage is set for a picture-perfect romance. But as past heartache threatens to overwhelm them both, can Elizabeth and Ryan let go of their pain and grab hold of a promising future together?

About the Author

Krista Lynne Jensen

Nearly every one of Krista Lynne Jensen's elementary school teachers made a note on her report card pointing out that she was a daydreamer. It was not a compliment. So, when Krista grew up, she put those day dreams down on paper for others to enjoy. When writing, she fuels her creativity with chocolate covered cinnamon bears and popcorn. When shes not writing, she enjoys reading, hiking, her family, and sunshine. But not laundry. She never daydreams about laundry. Krista is a native of Washington State and now lives in the northern Rocky Mountains. Through her stories she places characters in settings she loves, brings them to life, and challenges them to fight for what they want. The Orchard was inspired by Jane Austen's Persuasion and Flathead Valley, Montana, a favorite family vacation spot. If she had a cat, she would call it Jane. She is the author of Of Grace and Chocolate, 2012.

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By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Following in the footsteps of 'The Orchard'~ Krista Lynne Jensen breathes life into Elizabeth's story.

Elizabeth used to be called "the wild one."

But things are changing and Elizabeth has been offered a partnership at a quaint boutique in quiet Jackson, Wyoming.

Elizabeth's friend, Nancy, has reserved a room at a beautiful bed and breakfast for her and pushes Elizabeth towards the handsome man at the front desk.

Elizabeth is wary as her past still haunts her.

The handsome man, Ryan Brennan, has a past too and is raising three children on his own. The last thing he wants is to fall in love with someone other than his late wife.

But when Ryan keeps running into Elizabeth ~ literally ~ (fun scene)

And Elizabeth keeps falling into his arms ~ literally ~ (more fun scenes)

Their friendship grows...

But along with it also grows Elizabeth's doubts and fears.

Can she ever believe that "she is more than she thinks she is?"

Will DEFINITELY read more from this author!

Great Story of Forgiveness and Love
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I was blessed to win this book in a contest held by the author, Krista Lynne Jensen. She is so sweet. Not only did she send a signed copy of the book, but she also included a handmade scarf!

The setting of this book is terrific. I have only been to Jackson Hole once, but I can picture the town in my mind as I read. I can imagine the Inn and the boutiques.

The characters are flawed. They each have their own issues, but they are each trying to be better. They are doing the best they can, day by day. That includes the main characters as well as the supporting characters.

I like the theme of forgiveness in this book. I am especially impressed with the theme of forgiving oneself for mistakes we have made. What a powerful message for each of us. And, one of the things that makes this possible is the love we have for each other and the love we have for ourselves.

Warnings: Some adult themes

I would let my 16 year old read this book, but not my 13 year old.

Great story of love, not just romantic love but love of self and love from our Savior
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I really enjoyed this book. I liked continuing the family story started in the author's book, "The Orchard" The setting was great, the secondary characters were fun and I enjoyed getting to know them. I really liked watching the evolution of the relationship between her main characters; I enjoyed as much the evolution of how her main characters felt about themselves changed. I really liked that even the way they spoke changed as they gained confidence, at the start of the book the main characters talked in broken sentences and thoughts, and as they gained confidence with themselves and each other, even their speaking became more confident. I like how the author wove the love of our Savior through the book, it wasn't preachy or blatantly there, just a subtle whisper through out. The only negative I have for the book is that I wanted it to go on! I fell in love with these characters and was sad to close the book on them...I wanted more! I'm thrilled that there is a third book in this series. I highly recommend this book to others...even if you haven't read the first book (but you should, its also really good!) this book can be read on its own.

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I couldn't read the book fast enough! Ms. Jensen is a wonderful writer and ties the audience in right from the beginning. I loved the way she laced in the LDS religion but was not overbearing either. "Falling for You" is a beautiful love story that touched me with it's ties to forgiveness, self worth, and second loves. Make sure you buy the first book (The Orchard) in the series as well as it gives a wonderful background to the story.

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