The Princess Chronicles: Finding Sleeping Beauty

by Tarrah Montgomery

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Princess Danielle’s life in the fairy-tale land of Fenmore Falls has been overshadowed by a secret bargain with a wizard—a bargain that allowed her to be born. At the royal ball the night before her sixteenth birthday, a shocking comment by a stranger forces Danielle’s father, the king, to tell her the details of the curse. Trying to protect her, he sends her through a magic door to a peculiar place called Idaho.

Instead of a castle and horse-drawn carriages, Danielle’s new world has cars and trucks, and a school named Shelley High. Taken in by Dorothy, a woman who knows Danielle's true identity, the princess-in-hiding struggles to live like an average teenager. She quickly becomes friends with Dorothy’s daughter, Abby, and finds herself drawn to their cute neighbor, Nate.

As time passes, Danielle realizes how nice it is to be known for herself, rather than as a princess. But suddenly the curse returns with a vengeance—and so do her enemies. In order to survive, she must rely on her new friends, as well as some old ones from Fenmore Falls. Through it all, she discovers her inner strength and the power of true love.

About the Author

Tarrah Montgomery

Tarrah Montgomery has loved writing stories since she was a child. She earned an associate’s degree from Ricks College, and a bachelor of science in education from Utah State University. Tarrah lives in Arizona with her husband, Ryan, and their five children. She loves to travel, and many of her story ideas have come from seeing ancient castles and architecture around the world. Some of her adventures have taken her to Paris, London, Rome, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, South Korea, Thailand, Jamaica, and Costa Rica. Tarrah teaches preschool and enjoys reading, spending time with her family, and playing the piano.

The Princess and the Pesky Pea is the fifth and final book in the Princess Chronicles. The other books in the series include I’m Not Cinderella (2013), Finding Sleeping Beauty (2015), Rescuing Rapunzel (2016), and Beauty and the Teenage Beast (2017).

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Sleeping Beauty at its best
By , Submitted on 2019-01-25

I loved the modern spin on this old fashioned story. No longer the Aurora who is cursed with an eternal slumber, but now it's a girl named Dani who is cursed with a whole different kind of slumber. I loved the suspense all the way to the end.

A fun and cute read with a different take on a classic fairy tale.
By , Submitted on 2016-03-14

Finding Sleeping Beauty uses the classic fairy tale and turns it upside down and inside out. I love how the main character, Danielle, has to leave her life in a fairy-tale land and escape to . . . Idaho. Yes, Idaho! This hilarious twist makes for a clever story filled with new friendships, a sweet love story, and hard choices. I think the references to other fairy tale characters make the book more enjoyable.

I'd recommend this story to younger teens who want a simple and clean read and enjoy fairy tales.

Sweet romance
By , Submitted on 2016-02-20

If you are a fan of fairy tales and sweet romance, this is a good book for you. Dani is a princess who has a curse to deal with. When her father sends her through a magical door that takes her from her fairy tale world to a small town in Idaho, she has a lot of adjusting to do. Getting used to modern customs was humorous. She meets the handsome cowboy, Nate, upon her arrival, as well as a new friend and a cast of high school students. Fans of Sleeping Beauty will see tidbits of the versions they love in this cute novel.

A modern twist on the beloved tale of Sleeping Beauty!
By , Submitted on 2016-02-11

When Princess Danielle is sent through a magic door to present-day Idaho to hide from an evil wizard, she finds a new world and a chance at love with handsome cowboy Nate. Teen and tween girls will love this rendition of Sleeping Beauty. Witty, fun, and creative! I love how the author weaves together the stories of various fairy tale characters—keeps the reader guessing at who is who. And wow! What a beautiful cover.

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