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The best audio book yet!
By , Submitted on 2019-09-13

I just recently started listening to audio books. When this volume came out on audio first, I decided to listen to it first. Kirby Heyburn does THE BEST job ever in reading this book!! I was so drawn in every minute. He took a great book and made it just that much better. It is by far my favorite audiobook! Thanks Gerald Lund for a great book--it really helped me understand the details of how WWII started. Thanks Kirby Heyburn for making the book just that much better. I am on a hunt to find more books read by Kirby!!

A round of applause!!!
By , Submitted on 2019-09-13

Thank you, Gerald Lund, for yet another riveting and educational series!!! I just finished volume 6 of the Fire and Steel series, listening to each of the six volumes by audio book. I am so sad it's over (for now) as I became so attached and invested in the Eckhardt and Westland families. I am glad to hear that the story will be continuing! I actually gave a standing ovation and round of applause when I finished! My emotions ran the gamut from laughter to tears and I loved learning about important world events in the process. The whole series was perfection in every way! Gerald Lund is truly a master storyteller. Huge kudos to Kirby Heyborne for his magnificent narration!!! What a gift to hear how he brought each character to life, capturing their emotion, depth, personality and even various accents. I would highly recommend this series!!!

Riveting and Inspiring
By , Submitted on 2019-09-08

I can't even begin to express the enjoyment and how I was moved as the pages kept turning and turning.
I have loved history for as long as I can remember and Mr. Lund has whetted my appetite for more.
I am very impressed with his knowledge and his research as he brings to life people in his books that I have grown close to as I have read this series.
I have been waiting for how he would portray the Aunchluss, the night of long knives and the night of broken glass. I find myself on the edge of my seat as the Eckhardts and the Westlands are experiencing these events that have shaped our society.
There were times when I was laughing and times when I had tears. It also makes me grateful for the freedoms that I enjoy and makes me hope that the world won't ever be duped by a power-mad despot again.
This final volume is the most compelling of all and is my favorite and I can't wait to sink my teeth into again once my wife is done with it.
I am waiting on pins and needles for the next volume which covers the war.
Thank you, Mr Lund so much for this series, you are an inspiration to us all

By , Submitted on 2019-09-06

Really loved this series. You will not be able to put it down! The audio narration is amazing .
I will admit that I was disappointed and saddened with the ending and kept thinking “if only” ..... I felt it totally unnecessary but anyway these were the times.... I’m still confused about what happened to Emily’s disabled brother? I would’ve thought he alone would be a reason for the Eckharts to not agree with the Nazi ideology.

Can’t wait for the stand alone
By , Submitted on 2019-09-06

I love that Gerald Lund is able to provide hope despite tragedy through this series. I found myself crying, laughing, feeling hope and see despair all at once during this volume. Kirby Heyborn does a great job reading this, though truly as I hear him read I still see the missionary from The Beat Two Years in my head! Over all I highly recommend this. Make sure you listen to the author’s note or you might be disappointed!

Fire and Steel, Volume 6: Into the Flames
By , Submitted on 2019-09-02

This volume is the absolute best of the series! Although fictional characters, the Eckhardt family's loss of Hans as well as a close friend was heartbreaking, but a stark reality of the brutality of Hitler and his thugs. Simply put, when I'm listening or reading any book, I find myself emotionally tied to the characters portrayed, and can clearly envision the scenes in my mind's eye. It's an excellent author who can accomplish such a feat. Brother Lund is such an author, no matter it be a series or stand-alone books. What's important to remember is that they're all based on historical facts with fictional characters interwoven amongst real historical people who were a part of that time in history. In this last volume, I was able to envision, with perfect clarity, my own family caught up in the abomination of WWII. My mother, her nine siblings and my grandmother were living the nightmare Hitler invoked on London with tons of bombs each day. And my father was sent as a bombardier in the United States Army Air Corp to join with the allied forces to fight back against and defeat Hitler and the Third Reich. The blessing that came from that horror was their meeting and a quick romance before marriage before Dad was shipped home. That's a story in and of itself, but do know they would have thoroughly enjoyed this series, if they were still living. Thank you, Brother Lund, for another wonderful and mesmerizing series! So grateful these are in audiobook format, which makes them more accessible while driving, doing housework, or even a shower. And thanks to Kirby Keyborne, who is a masterful storyteller! His ability to switch voices between the characters, throw in a believable accent, and excitement or sorrow is remarkable, and really brings the story to life. I am thrilled when I hear him in yet another series or stand-alone project. I absolutely hate it when the book has concluded! It took only three days to listen to 21.5's that good!! I'm anxiously waiting for your stand-alone volume tying everything together, Brother Lund. So please hurry up with whatever project must be done first! --A rabid fan :)

Love this series
By , Submitted on 2019-08-31

This has been one of the most challenging series of books to read. Mostly because I see so much of today as a repeat of Hitler’s time this book takes you a. Ice long long adventure of twists and turns...some of which may cause nightmares and others you’ll just want to yell “OH YEAH”!

There is some blood in this volume. And it won’t be pretty. But Br. Lund has this way of writing things so you focus less on the blood and guts and more on the humans

Now they’ll be a break...Br. Lund explains it much better than I ever could hope to. With some down time, which will allow the creative juices to recharge...Br. Lund hopes to finish this up with one single standalone volume. One can only hope.

Disappointed in the ending
By , Submitted on 2019-08-26

Into the Flames started out very good like the previous volumes. Enjoyed learning about how people reacted to the rise of Hitler. Unfortunately the story of the two families doesn’t finish. This is the last volume but Lund promises a separate book continuing their story a few years later. WHAT?!!!

By , Submitted on 2019-08-26

I loved the series.

Gerald Lunds' WWII series
By , Submitted on 2019-07-11

WARNING: If you start reading Gerald Lund's 'Fire and Steel' book series you will be hooked! My husband and I have listened to everyone of them and have come to understand things about WWII--Hitler and how and why the people in that land accepted him as their leader--we have always wondered about. Lund is very gifted in weaving the lives of fictitious families into the facts that teach history and the how and why it's vital to let God direct us in our nations, communities, families and our own personal lives. Thank you Gerald Lund!