Fire on Ice

by Jeremy Holm


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Racing down an icy track at 80 miles per hour leads you to think of many things. For Jeremy C. Holm thought of God. While racing as a bobsled pilot, he learned valuable lessons that transformed his bobsledding experience from something worldly into a journey of faith in God.

As a former head coach, Jeremy shares his personal experiences from a competitive life on the ice and the spiritual fire he gained while coping with the temptations and trials of life.

The message of faith and personal courage will inspire you to come closer to Jesus Christ and reach for the ultimate goal: eternal life.

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Jeremy Holm

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Inspiring life lessons
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

5 stars

Now I want to go ride in a bobsled. Jeremy is really good at telling examples from his own life and relating them to gospel principles.

All I remember from the 2002 Olympics about the bobsled is going in the Coke tent and trying to push and jump in. My kids loved it. Oh it was really crowded too. What a good example Jeremy is and was. Too train in Bobsleds for years and then miss the 2002 Olympics in your backyard to serve a mission.

I love all the personal stories and how he left the names out of those who made wrong choices. He was not trying to tear down anyone but tell what he learned from them and relate it to a gospel principle.

This book does show how Jeremy lives his beliefs. He tells both the positive and negative things he did and experienced.

I had to laugh when he was telling of a team building event that he went to and his team won with the highest balloon tower. They did not let the ceiling stop them from going higher by pushing the tiles up.

Jeremy's example in prayer helped me this week. I stopped reading to say a prayer and part of it was answered the next day. So thank you Jeremy.

This book is geared to sport fans and to LDS Readers but it can be read and enjoyed by everyone.
Their are life lessons on every page to help make anyone better person if they apply it to their lives. Like Honesty, Integrity, personal responsibly, free agency and example for others plus many more.

I was given this book for reviewing. All opinions are mine and honest.
Publisher: Cedar Fort (January 14, 2014) 308 pages

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I LOVE reading about professional athletes!

They inspire me and impress me with their winning attitudes and their determination to see it through.

And when an athlete can put a 'gospel spin' onto their journey I am even more intrigued!

Jeremy has brilliantly taken the sport of bobsledding and included spiritual lessons such as:

HOPE~ the substance of gold medals unseen.
FAITH~ in our coach, Jesus Christ.
TALK TO THE COACH~ there's no data limit on prayer.
LEARN, LIVE, AND WIN~ by the rules/commandments.
MERCY and GRACE~ some assembly required.
and MORE!

He shares his personal stories of 'finding Christ' on the ice.

Some of my favorite quotes are:
"The Olympic flame is literally lit by using a mirror to focus on the sun's rays to start the flame. Our inner flame, can only be ignited and fanned by the Son of God. It is natural to worry about our shortcomings, but we must never let our inadequacies overcome our incredible potential."

"When we develop closeness to the Savior, he can better lead us to great heights. Whether that means finding the strength to make it to the Olympics, go on a mission, or start a family, Christ must be the central member of our team on this earth."

Jeremy also gives us a section on setting and keeping personal GOALS

"Standing at the top of the track, my main goal is to cross the finish line as quickly as possible. In order to reach that main goal, I have to take each turn one at a time, thus dividing that big goal into smaller ones. To break it down even further, in each turn I need to decide where and when to steer, sot he proper steering points become even smaller goals."

What goals do you want to achieve?
What will it take to achieve your goal?
Who can help you?
Where can you go to achieve this goal?
When are you going to work on this goal?

Now take that to a spiritual goal:
"If my overall objective is exaltation, then I need to meet the short-term goals of baptism, temple covenants, tithing, and so forth. You achieve big things by breaking them down into more manageable tasks."



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