Fires of Faith: The Inspiring Story Behind the King James Bible

by Lee Groberg, Steven Porter, Brock Brower


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Since its original translation, the King James Bible has had immeasurable influence on religion, language, culture, art, and literature; yet the road to its influence and acceptance was paved with darkness. International politics, subversion, lust, and bloodshed set the stage for the heroic "heretics" who sought to translate the word of God into the English vernacular. Fires of Faith crisscrosses a tumultuous Europe at the birth of religious freedom and chronicles characters central to the Reformation, including John Wycliffe, Martin Luther, Henry VIII, and "Bloody" Queen Mary I, culminating with the reign of King James and his commissioned translation of the Bible. At the forefront of the saga is William Tyndale, the British religious scholar who directed the translation and ultimately became a martyr in the fires of faith.

About the Authors

Lee Groberg

Lee Groberg has produced and directed a number of documentary films over the past twenty-five years, including American Gunmaker, Treasure House, Trail of Hope, American Prophet, Sacred Stone, America’s Choir, Sweetwater Rescue, Fires of Faith, and First Freedom, all produced for public television. Narrators for his films have included Gregory Peck, Hal Holbrook, Fess Parker, Walter Cronkite, Geoffrey Palmer, Brian Stokes Mitchell, and Ed Ames.

First Freedom is one of the more rewarding film projects he has worked on. This companion book reflects many of the images from the film and includes comments from the academic scholars featured in the film.

Regarding his work on the film, Lee remarked, “It has been my pleasure to work on a story that has spiritual implications in all of our lives. These founding fathers did not share a single faith, but I feel that they were directed by a divine force that helped them establish a country where all could worship in freedom—or even feel free to not worship at all. That is the beauty of our guaranteed right of religious liberty.

“I thank my wife, Jeanine, for her unflagging support and devotion as together, we tackle these very meaningful film and book projects.”

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Steven Porter

No biography available

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Brock Brower

Brock Brower - A graduate of Dartmouth College, Harvard Law School, and Oxford University's Merton College, Brock Brower was a Rhodes Scholar who has won the O. Henry Prize for short stories, an award from the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Guggenheim Fellowship. The writer-producer of television's 3-2-1-Contact! and ABC's 20/20, he also served as an adviser to the Ford Foundation. He has served in various Washington-based consultancies and coauthored Putting America's House in Order. He has also written extensively for Esquire, LIFE, The New York Times Magazine, The Smithsonian Magazine, Reader's Digest, Civilization, and Harper's. Brower was a professor of journalism at Dartmouth College, has taught at various writers' conferences, and was the write-in-residence at Princeton University. Among his eight published books are Other Loyalties: A Politics of Personality; Putting America's House in Order: The Nations as a Family; and his novels—Debris, The Late Great Creature, and Blue Dog, Green River. He and his wife currently live in southern California.

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