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An Important Book
By , Submitted on 2017-08-18

I'm not what you would call a "history buff" but this book I found delightful. It's a peek into the early Relief Society meetings and minutes. I love the photographs of the meeting minutes, some at the hand of Eliza Snow. Anyone that thinks Mormon women in our history were "wilting flowers" needs to get their hands on this book. This book shows that Relief Society sisters in our history were strong, smart, industrious, and deeply spiritual.

There is a sermon by President Brigham Young recorded that really stuck out to me. He was speaking of temporal affairs and he says "Now, Bishops, you have smart women for wives, many of you; let them organize Female Relief Societies in the various wards. We have many talented woman among us, and we wish their help in this matter. Some may think this is a trifling thing, but it is not; and you will find that the sisters will be the mainspring of the movement . . . they will find rooms for the poor, and obtain the means for supporting them ten times quicker than even the Bishop could. " (page 251)

I've recommended this book to several of my friends, many who have served in Relief Society for many years. We have such a rich history!