The Five Love Languages

by Gary Chapman


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Most warning labels are not intended to present a positive message, but Dr. Gary Chapman includes this warning label in The Five Love Languages: “Understanding the five love languages and learning to speak the primary love language of your spouse may radically affect his or her behavior. People behave differently when their emotional love tanks are full.”

In this study, Dr. Chapman reveals how different people express love in different ways. What speaks love to you may be meaningless to your spouse. This study contains the key to understanding each other's unique needs. Apply the right principles, learn the right language, and soon you'll know the profound satisfaction and joy of being able to express your love — and feeling truly loved in return.

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Gary Chapman

GARY CHAPMAN, PhD, is the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling The 5 Love Languages. With over 30 years of counseling experience, he has the uncanny ability to hold a mirror up to human behavior, showing readers not just where they go wrong, but also how to grow and move forward. Dr. Chapman holds BA and MA degrees in anthropology from Wheaton College and Wake Forest University, respectively, MRE and PhD degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and has completed postgraduate work at the University of North Carolina and Duke University.

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Divorce Proofing Your Marriage
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

“The object of love is not getting something you want, but doing something for the well-being of the one you love.” Statements like this and many others are the treasures that fill this book. This book is a must read for anyone who is married or even considering it. It is full of real life accounts from people who had problems in their marriage, but eventually overcame them. These stories give not only ideas on what to do, but inspiration and desire to build a strong marriage. The 5 Love Languages are something Gary Chapman came up with after years of marriage counseling. He didn’t come up with these out of thin air, he had so many experiences with relationships and discovered common love patterns among spouses. He concludes that there are 5 different languages of love that people speak. A love language is the way a person feels love from another. That could be through acts of service, or physical touch. Discovering the way your spouse feels love will save a relationship. I thought to myself, “Ok, the 5 love languages are listed on the back cover; what’s the point of reading it now?” But after reading in depth about each love language my eyes have been opened on exactly what I must do to accommodate my wife’s love language. The book gives so many examples; at least one of them is sure to be your case. If you didn’t realize what you were doing wrong, the examples will spark that within you. I took notes and underlined many passages. At the end of each chapter he asks an open ended question to make you think about how you can apply what was discussed. This book is the service manual for any marriage. Study and apply what you read and I can assure you a full “love tank” leading to a better marriage.

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I got engaged recently and a close married couple friend of mine recommended this book to me and let me borrow their copy for a little bit. I was reading it and LOVED EVERYTHING Gary Chapman had to say ! SO i went online to buy it and devoured the book! It's SO GOOD I recommend it to anyone in or desiring to be in a serious relationship

Saved my marriage
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Me and my husband thought that we had a good marriage. But I knew that something was missing. I was unhappy and I couldn't figure out why. My husband would write me notes and bring me flowers but it didn't make me happy. A friend suggested this book and we read it together. Within a week our entire marriage had changed. It turns out we had both been making the effort, just not in the right department. I was showing him I loved him in my love language and he was showing me in his. Neither of us were getting the message. This book radically changed the way we communicate with each other.
I would greatly suggest this book to anyone who knows they should be happy but doesn't know why they aren't.

Save a relationship
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This book really opened my eyes to a teenager that was driving me nuts! Needless to say that when I read the five love languages and figured out what she was "speaking" I understood her so much more. This also helped me with my husband and younger children and I am able to convey love in ways that they understand and feel now. A great book to help you understand those around you and it makes it a lot easier for me to see what kinds of gifts to give each person, meaningful gifts based on their love language.

A must read
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I LOVE this book. There are few books that I have insisted that my husband read but this is definetly the one. It clarifies how people view love, it allows you to explore what makes you feel loved and how to show your love for those in your life. I highly recoomed it for anyone who wants to create a greater strength in your relationship.

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