The Fool and the Dragonox

by Jacob Gowans

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Product Description

Enter Atolas, a world where swords and daggers both extend life and end it, where magic is feared by all but a few, and where feuds and friendships influence kingdoms and courtships. In The Fool and the Dragonox, a prequel to A Tale of Light and Shadow, we meet Henry Vestin, his best friend Ruther, his sister, Maggie, and the love of his young life, Isabelle Oslan, as they begin an adventure that will help define their ongoing friendship.

About the Author

Jacob Gowans

JACOB GOWANS was raised in Papillion, Nebraska, graduated with a bachelor's degree in theater studies and then moved to Cleveland, Ohio, where he graduated from dental school at Case Western Reserve University. Jacob and his wife and three children live in Arizona where he works as a dentist for the Indian Health Services.

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By , Submitted on 2015-02-25


Henry and Ruther tend to get into a lot of trouble.

They like chasing after the dream...

more money, more admiration, more adventure.

So when they hear that there is a dragonox in the farmer's field they MUST go see.

Of course they take all of their friends including Isabelle.

Ruther encourages Henry to go ride the dangerous dragonox saying that Isabelle will be so impressed.

Can he?
Should he?
Does he?

Read to see what happens.

An AWESOME stand alone book.
AND/OR a prequel to the upcoming A Tale of Light and Shadow

Jacob Gowans is a PHENOMENAL writer!
Don't miss out on this one!

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