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OK, not a favorite.
By , Submitted on 2019-07-12

A little too drawn out and not much story. Love the Characters. I love this author and her books, just this one isn't one of her best.

Weeping, wondering, or worrying
By , Submitted on 2019-04-16

I’m surprised by all the 5 stars. If you read the description you already know what happens in this book. You could skip almost the entire thing and just read the end which is underwhelming.
Stanley is hurt and a gentleman, so I understand his not wanting to share in his secrets, but that’s his whole story in this book and it gets old. And Marjie... she’s sweet and cares very deeply for anyone and everyone, which is great... but also very boring. She’s either weeping, wondering, or worrying. And that’s her whole story. It bothered me to no end that she just gets over the fact that Stanley hurt her feelings. She just throws that completely out the window and forgives him on the spot. There’s no consequences for people’s actions and it becomes... (you guessed it) very boring.
To me the male characters come across as a woman writing for a man... which is exactly the case, but men just don’t think like that. Men act more than they “feel” or ponder. I wish we could see their love through their actions rather than be told how they feel. And I don’t just mean the mushy stuff.
People mentioned to me that the scene with Caroline and Stanley was sweet. I had a really hard time with this scene, because it seemed so fake. It completely reads as an adult writing for a child... which is exactly what it is, but a writer should make me believe in their characters.
All in all the word that comes to mind is kitsch. This is a cookie cutter regency romance: no excitement, no suspense, no character development. In the end, just a lot of miscommunication and “feelings”. It’s not like we’re expecting a murder mystery or anything out of the ordinary. Look at Jane Austen books for an example. So much character, intrigue, possibilities, etc, and they’re still clean and the characters are completely believable.
If this is how modern, clean regency romances are supposed to be, then forgive me and ignore my review, but honestly I just want something more and this book turned out to be a disappointment and my least favorite of Ms Eden’s books.

sweet story
By , Submitted on 2018-12-28

I enjoyed it

For love or for honor
By , Submitted on 2018-10-30

I loved this book!! It was a great mix of excitement and romance. The way they portray Stanley’s past of the war stood out in so many ways. When they described a memory of his past it was almost as if it was real. The worry and love that Marti has for Stanley was lovely and pure. Towards the end of the book I was in lovely surprise at how their conflicts came together and even though it was hard they got through it! This book is definitely one I would read again!

- Katie Capperton

Totally sigh-worthy
By , Submitted on 2017-12-17

Oh, the feels! <3

From the moment they met, Marjie’s heart has belonged to handsome Captain Stanley Jonquil, younger brother of the Earl of Lampton. But six long months ago, when Stanley’s sense of honor required that he do as he had sworn and return to the Continent to fight in defense of King and country, neither Stanley nor Marjie could have dreamed what the cost of his service would be. It has been ages since Stanley last wrote, and Marjie and the Jonquil family are plagued by his unknown fate—until the day he unexpectedly reappears. Marjie’s joy, however, is quickly shadowed by confusion—the aloof, battle-worn soldier before her is not the man he once was. In the wake of Stanley’s blatant disinterest in renewing their acquaintance, Marjie’s devastation turns to determination as she vows to help him find peace. But his scars run far deeper than anyone realizes.

Despite his feelings for her, Stanley believes Marjie deserves a man whose hands are not stained with the violence of battlefields and whose mind and heart are not haunted by the horrors he has seen. Honor requires Stanley to return once more to the life he has grown to despise, one he knows will destroy him in the end, even as his heart beckons him to stay with Marjie, the only woman he could ever love, and the promise, at last, of redemption.

I love the Jonquil family and how they come together in times of need. It's not a family that's not had its share of sadness, but they push through. There had been references to Stanley in previous books, but we weren't ever really introduced to him very deeply. Here we have a chance to get to know him and his kind and tender heart--which we ache for. Marjie is a delight and so good for him.

It's fun to get caught up, even fleetingly in the lives of other brothers from earlier books.

Totally sigh-worthy.

For Love Or Honor
By , Submitted on 2017-12-03

This was another charming addition to the Jonquil family romances. It was at times somewhat heartbreaking, but SME has a way of showing hope along with the sadness. When an individual has such a powerfully compassionate heart, it should be protected and nurtured. This is not what happened to Marjie until she met Stanley Jonquil. Unfortunately,he was called back to war where he was almost destroyed. How these two work out the paths they are to follow is a sweet, tender story well worth the read.

A must read for Regency & Jonquil family fans!
By , Submitted on 2017-10-18

Ok. When there's a new Jonquil book in my hands all life comes to a screeching halt! This one doesn't disappoint. I've been so excited that we've been utterly spoilt by Sarah Eden of late. We've waited many years for more from this family, recently having the re-release of Jason's story, and now it's Stanley's turn. We have always been given brief glimpses of this Jonquil brother. He's been mentioned by family members. Just when you think they couldn't get any better - we are surprised again. Honorable and loyal to a fault, Stanley is currently a Captain in the army. He is home at Lampton Park due to injuries he has sustained.

Marjie, Sorrel's younger sister has lived with her & Philip (the oldest Jonquil and the Earl) for several years. She met Stanley less than a year ago before he went to fight in the infamous Battle of Waterloo. She came to love him and has written to him faithfully for all of this time. But Stanley is distant and indifferent. Her heart is breaking and she feels lost and rejected. Sorrel doesn't want her fussing and Stanley seems to desire it even less.

This is a tender story of two people facing alternate barriers but attempting to follow the sweet desires of their hearts, whilst facing the agony of loyalty to country. So many moments in which you will find your own heart will be bleeding in agony for them.

This book however is not all sadness and struggle, there is as always the light hearted fun banter we have grown to love amongst the Jonquils. I loved the 'black rod' scene, and the clever way in which Philip and Layton are able to extricate Stanley's deep dark secret. In addition if there was ever an award for the most humorous and witty minor character/regency servant - that award would go to Pluck. I literally laughed out loud over this guy! He has guts and lacks a filter that would prevent most servants from speaking the way he does to his superior. He was just such a perfect counter act to Stanley's brooding soul.

This book is wonderful, and you will not put it down. I felt that Harry's story was being prepped - and he's one that I'm really feeling intrigued over. No one seems to really get along with him or even like him much. The reader has been set up to believe him holy and pious. I know that Sarah will work her magic to make us all fall in love with him no doubts! I can't wait for more Jonquils!

Thank you to Netgalley & Covenant Communications for the eARC. I will be purchasing the paperback of this book. It is required on my bookshelf!! This is my honest review.

By , Submitted on 2017-10-15


A Yearning Love
By , Submitted on 2017-10-06

I believe that love takes on all kinds of shapes and forms. Love can be desperate. Love can be gentle and sweet. Love can be sparking and fiery. Love can be patient and enduring. The very best word I can come up with for the love in this book is yearning. I felt it so strongly throughout. A strong, yearning love.

Marjie yearns for love from Stanley and she also yearns for love and validation from her sister, Sorrel. Marjie is sweetness personified. She has a gentle soul full of desire to please and care for people. Marjie is hopelessly in love with Stanley and wants nothing more than to be loved by him in return. Her love yearns for his.

Stanley also yearns for love but doesn't believe himself to be worthy of that love- not from his family and definitely not from Marji. Stanley is broken- physically, emotionally and mentally, from the horrors of war. It honestly broke my heart. Stanley loves Marji and he yearns for her love in return but doesn't feel worthy of it.

This was one of my favorite scenes from this book and I wanted to share a bit of it. It is a scene between Stanley and his young niece.

"If you stay, Stanby, your hurt will get better too." His vision blurred with the sting of tears he refused to shed. He wanted to believe it, wanted to believe there was a cure. "I can love you bigger than the biggest hurt."
"That is a great deal of love, Poppet." Stanley tightened his grip on her.

"Do you have a lot of hurts?" Caroline asked.

Stanley tried to clear his suddenly constricted throat, blinking against the pooling moisture in his eyes. "Yes, I do." The words were barely audible. Where had the soldier gone? Where was his self-control?

She lifted both her little hands to his face, touching his cheeks. "There are so very many of us," Caroline whispered, leaning in close to his face. "We can love you all better." She ran her palm along his cheek, wiping away a tear that had escaped his eye. She wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned into him.

I loved the arc of this story. There is hurt and misunderstanding but that eventually gives way to healing and love. That sense of yearning throughout the whole book really tugged at me and my heart became invested in this book. I loved it. I think this is one of my favorite books of the Jonquil Brothers series. Oh, and the ending was perfect.

Content: Some war related memories, PTSD symptoms, kissing

- I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions expressed are my own.

Sarah M. Eden does it again!
By , Submitted on 2017-10-05

Sarah M. Eden does it again! I am always so excited to read one of her books, especially when they have to do with the Jonquil brothers. I didn't remember much about Stanley-he was mentioned in the other books, of course, but he didn't stand out very much to me other than the fact that he was a soldier and usually gone. I felt like the relationship between Marjie and Stanley must have been mentioned in a prior book based on the bit of backstory we had in For Love or Honor, but I didn't remember Marjie. I need to go back and re-read Sarah's other Jonquil books. That said, this could be read as a stand alone novel, but I highly recommend reading all of Sarah's other books.

I read this very quickly, and my heartstrings were pulled many times at the agony Stanley had gone through during the war and what he was going through as he tried to remember to always be a solider. It was so sad that he didn't feel like he could unburden himself by sharing his losses with his loved ones.

Eden really knows how to get her readers emotionally involved in her character's lives. I devoured this book, and can't wait to read the next book (hopefully it will further the hint we got about Holy Harry).

Wonderfully done!
By , Submitted on 2017-10-05

Sigh of happiness inserted here. Sarah Eden has written another fabulous book. I've become rather attached to the Jonquil brothers over the years so I was delighted to pick up this book about Stanley, the 5th of the seven brothers. Stanley's had a hard time of it serving in the army. With a compassionate heart, having to kill people has eaten away at his soul. And the injuries he suffered at Waterloo haven't helped any.

Marjie fell in love with Stanley when they first met almost a year ago when he was home recuperating from a previous injury. But after six months of no letters, she wonders if he still cares for her. And when Stanley arrives home unexpectedly in poor health and refusing to discuss the war, her fears seem to be confirmed. But Marjie isn't ready to give up quite yet and her determination to help and Stanley's need of some hope bring the two together again. But Stanley's honor won't let him back out of his commitment to the army and he refuses to expose Marjie to the things he's seen and experienced. So it may just be that their feelings for each other may not be enough.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I found it impossible not to cheer for Stanley and Marjie. Both characters had their struggles but they sincerely cared for each other and it's obvious. Through in the rest of the Jonquil clan and you have a delightful book that still manages to be hopeful despite some rather heavy themes related to war, loss, and secrets. If you enjoy reading clean regency romances, I can heartily recommend this one.

Love those Jonquils!
By , Submitted on 2017-10-05

Poor Stanley! In this book we learn of the horrors of war Stanley has had to endure, and the effects on his sensitive and compassionate nature. Only four months after his severe injuries, he struggles to keep his emotions at bay so that when the time comes to return to the field, he can soldier up and get it done. Once again we see the brotherly love and camaraderie between the Jonquils, especially Phillip and Layton, and I loved the scene when they meet with Stanley in their equivalent to a secret clubhouse and through their banter, get Stanley to reveal dark secrets that need to be brought to light for him to begin healing mentally.

Marjie is as compassionate as Stanley, with a heart to serve, but feels rejected when her sister refuses her help. It seems like she's a bit lost, not really knowing where her place is or where she is needed. Her previous friendship and beginnings of romance with Stanley give her the perfect opportunity to help him as he recovers, but the emotional distance he tries to maintain is hard on her. I admired her determination and creativity in how she supports him against his will, and loves him even without a guarantee of returned affection. The tone of the book fluctuates between despondency and hopefulness as Stanley and Marjie take two steps forward and one step back in their relationship, and I couldn't help but be touched by the ending. Highly recommend!

(I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)

Good story
By , Submitted on 2017-10-04

War is hard and there's not a lot that's glorious about it. When Stanley comes home wounded and emotionally broken, he refuses to tell his family exactly how broken he is...physically and mentally. I found it interesting that he takes on the role of a martyr, in a way. He doesn't believe that he deserves to be happy or to find love; he doesn't feel perfect enough to have the woman of his dreams, yet he doesn't want to give her up; he doesn't think he can ever be whole. But the whole message of this book proves his beliefs to be wrong. And I loved that bit of hope that shines through in this sad tale.

Marjie has been in love with Stanley forever, but she doesn't want to force him to return her feelings. She is one determined woman and I love how fiercely she fights to help him, even when she's pushed away countless times. 

I can always count on Eden to deliver a well-written story, full of emotion and turmoil, while ending with a satisfying conclusion. Her stories aren't pure fluff and always twinge my heart with a bit of pain, but leave me feeling like a slightly more compassionate person. It's honestly impossible to judge someone's actions when you don't know the full story.

Content: mild romance; mild violence

*I received a copy, which didn't influence my opinion in any way.*

Love this great love story!
By , Submitted on 2017-10-02

You really can't go wrong with any of Sarah Eden's books! I loved that this one brings us back to one of my very favorite families. The Jonquil brothers are all such fun characters, it's always fun to have them all show up in the books and see what's going on in their lives. The main focus of this one is Stanley Jonquil and the young lady who loves him, Marjie.

I love Marjie and her compassion. She is so concerned about everyone in her life. Especially her sister Sorrel, and that's partly because she lives with Sorrel and Phillip. Another of Marjie's concerns is Stanley. He's been gone to war for six long months with no word from him and Marjie is so worried about whether or not he's okay. All that changes when he stumbles home as the family is headed to a ball. I loved Marjie's tenderheartedness. She was so sad that she never got a letter from Stanley to wrap in ribbon, that must have been one of her love languages because she mentions it several times. Oops, she might have become just a bit real to me!

I liked that we see things through Stanley's eyes as well as Marjie's. Stanley is keeping some secrets from his family about his injuries that his family could actually help solve. I love that the reader knows what's wrong, and a bit of why Stanley acts as he does, but his family is clueless.

I liked Puck, Stanley's valet or batman as well. I liked that he was loyal to Stanley, but not above helping Marjie steal all of his gloves or tell her something about Stanley that she really needed to know.

My favorite scene in this one involves Stanley and 3 of his brothers. This scene made me smile to see these grown men acting like their little boy selves. I'm not going to tell you any more about it, so I don't spoil it for everyone, but it's so great!

I loved this book! Such a great love story, I loved everything about it!

Heart-gripping and Soul-inspiring
By , Submitted on 2017-09-29

Wow. This Regency or historical romance (I’m not quite sure—it was 1800’s England right after the Napoleonic wars) was heart-gripping and soul-inspiring. The characters, Stanley Jonquil and Marjie (Sorrel’s sister), were Marianas Trench deep, and I loved getting to know them through their emotionally heart-wrenching story. Oh my. I’m still in awe after reading this. Eden is a talented author who always writes emotionally invested characters that don’t leave me once I read The End. I’ve read a few others dealing with the Jonquil brothers, and I love that family. But Stanley might be my new favorite. He is home on leave from the war, and is wounded, though trying to hide those wounds from his family. Worst of all are his emotional wounds that have him pulling away from those who love him, especially his family and Marjie. She determines to save the man she loves, but the trouble is, he doesn’t believe he’s worth saving. Read this book. I don’t want to give away any of its secrets, but just know that this author will run you through an emotional Spartan endurance course. You will want to cry. Then when the heart-wrenching agony is at its worst, she somehow makes you laugh with comedic relief, and I adored the story then. I won’t spoil it, but let me just say those brothers are crazy, and so funny! I don’t often snort out loud during a book, but this one accomplished that with me. I won’t gush anymore, but I can’t recommend this book highly enough. It will be one I will read again.
***I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my fair and honest review.