The Forgotten Carols

by Michael McLean, Excel Entertainment

The Forgotten Carols

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A timeless classic, Michael McLean's The Forgotten Carols have been enjoyed by sold-out audiences nationwide. Now you can feel the warmth of the Christmas spirit from the stage performances in your own home. The Forgotten Carols tells the story of a nurse whose empty life is changed when a new patient recounts the story of Christ's birth as told by little known characters in the nativity story. The accounts from the Innkeeper, the Shepherd and others help her discover what the world has forgotten about Christmas, and open her heart to the joy of this special season.

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Love the dvd
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Wow! I love this dvd and I'm glad it is the stage play. We have never had the opportunity to see the stage play, this is the next best thing. We read the book and play the songs every year, we even made our own Forgotten Carols ornaments years ago that we add to a special tree as we read the book. This dvd will now become a part of our holiday traditions also.

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I LOVE this DVD!! I've seen the show live 2 times in my life but it's hard to really see what's going on when you're so far away. I was so happy to see it come out on DVD and now we can watch it more often. Like someone else said, I did miss Arise and Shine Forth. I also missed Together Forever but I still love the DVD!

A great addition to your Christmas DVD collection!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

GREAT!!! It is a stage play, which some may need to be warned of, but this is incredible! I fell in love with Michael McLean's character and his son's voice!

About the Authors

Michael McLean

MICHAEL MCLEAN has released more than two dozen albums, has written, produced, and directed award-winning films and television commercials, and has annually presented his landmark Christmas production, The Forgotten Carols, based on his book, to sold-out audiences throughout the United States since 1991. He and his wife, Lynne, live in Heber Valley.

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Excel Entertainment

EXCEL ENTERTAINMENT is the preeminent independent film distribution company in Utah, and though largely known for its Mormon-themed films (God’s Army, The Work & the Glory series, 17 Miracles, Pride & Prejudice, etc.), Excel has also had success releasing films with non-Mormon themes and stories (Forever Strong, Saints & Soldiers, etc.). Although the technology and means by which audiences consume films is changing rapidly, the demand for highly creative storytelling that motivates us to live up to the light that each of us has been given is as high as ever. We feel a deep obligation to not only bring stories of hope to the world, but to promote films with high standards of craftsmanship reflective of a belief in a divine and benevolent creator.

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