A Fork in the Road (Booklet)

by Matthew S. Holland

A Fork in the Road (Booklet)

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Nine-year-old Matt and his dad, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, set off on an adventure to see the Grand Canyon. On their way home, they are faced with a decision ... right or left? “I can’t remember which side we came in on,” his dad said. “I’m worried that if we make the wrong decision, we’ll not have enough light—and we’ll not make it home.” When they pray for direction, the answer they receive is not what They’d expected, but instead, it becomes a valuable lesson for life.

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About the Author

Matthew S. Holland

Matthew S. Holland is the sixth president of Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah. After graduating with honors and as valedictorian of the Political Science Department at BYU, he won a prestigious Raoul Wallenberg Scholarship to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he studied leadership in democracies. Before earning his master’s degree and Ph.D. in political science at Duke University, Dr. Holland served with distinction as chief of staff for the top executive of the Monitor Group, an international consulting firm. Later he served as special assistant to then Utah Governor Michael O. Leavitt. As a faculty member at BYU, his research in American political thought garnered national attention and he was awarded Princeton University’s James Madison Fellowship. His commitment to applied learning concepts led to his selection as BYU’s “Civically Engaged Scholar of the Year” by Utah Campus Compact.

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