Fourth Nephi through Moroni: From Zion to Destruction

by Charles D. Tate, Monte S. Nyman

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Product Description

As the final installment in the book of Mormon Symposium series, this volume examines the last four books of the Nephite record: 4 Nephi, Mormon, Ether, and Moroni. Perhaps more than any other part in the Book of Mormon, this section powerfully portrays the cycle through which the ancient inhabitants of America passed many times—the cycle that took them from righteousness to wickedness, from Zion to destruction. Twenty-five contributors here explore the details of this tragic cycle—as it occurred in both the Nephite and the Jaredite civilizations—and also discuss many related doctrinal and historical issues. Realizing the Book of Mormon’s relevance to our day, the writers further take the opportunity to point out the many modern applications.

About the Authors

Charles D. Tate

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Monte S. Nyman

Monte S. Nyman was President of Southern Virginia University from 2003-2004 and received his doctorate in Educational Administration from BYU. While at BYU, Nyman served as director of Book of Mormon studies for the Religious Studies Center and for a time he was the acting head of the ancient scripture department within the College of Religious Education. Nyman retired from BYU in 1996.

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