Pickles to Penguins Card Game

by Outset Media

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Pickles to Penguins is a frantic party game where you link pictures to win. Take a deep breath and let the action and chaos begin. Link the pictures as quickly as you can...but just do it fast before another player beats you to it! Fast-paced fun for all ages. Ages 8+

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Outset Media

Whether it is spending time with your family, an evening out with friends, or time in the classroom - playing board games is an excellent way to have fun together! In an era where people are spending more time “socializing” with a computer screen, REAL social interaction is becoming more important.

Outset Media® is committed to developing games that create truly memorable social experiences and quality built puzzles. We manufacture games that are built to last, with quality construction and materials. And we spend many thoughtful hours developing games with engaging content, so you will want to play them over-and-over again. That is our commitment to you.

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