Garden of the Gods

by Stephen Stirling

Garden of the gods

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When big-game hunter Matt Hayden is hired to capture and study a fabled bear-like monster in the Arizona desert, he jumps on the opportunity. But when the beast emerges to defend the native Tonowa tribe, Matt finds himself drawn into the middle of a range war. Caught between the government, a prehistoric beast, and a small Native American tribe, will Matt survive this battle of land, peoples, and morals, and the forgotten spirits who protect them?

Darkness. Cold, silent, darkness. It is almost impossible to imagine total darkness in a world where light is the master of the universe. In a darkened room, a pin prick of light always seems to seep through, driving the shadows before it. Light always finds entrance. But darkness reigned here, deep in the recesses of the mountain. This was a kingdom of eternal night. Here the shadows could run away from light, hiding in the bowels of the earth. In the caves of Oscura Mesa, disoriented by the twists and turns of a tortured earth, light had lost its way.

From somewhere far away in the black silence, a noise echoed faintly off the cavern walls. Gradually, almost imperceptibly the echoes became indistinguishable voices blending with the sound of footsteps fumbling along the rocky floor. And then a bare hint of radiance struggled through the dark in the distance which finally burst around a corner in the garish beams of two lanterns chasing the darkness before them. The lights cast freakish shadows of the men who carried them, dancing on the walls amidst the dead stalagmites of the cave.

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Stephen Stirling

Stephen Stirling earned a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism in 1976, and then spent the next few years wandering America in search of adventure. He eventually planted roots in Orange County, California, where he established Stirling Communications and spent 15 years as a freelance copywriter, scriptwriter, and video producer. In 1994 he was hired by the Church Educational System and relocated with his family to Gilbert, Arizona, where he has fulfilled a lifelong dream of teaching released-time seminary for the past 20 years. He is the author of several books, including the humorous Ultimate Catalogue, and more recently, Shedding Light on the Dark Side, an in-depth expose from the prophets on the nature and reality of Satan. Two years ago he wrote his first novel, Persona Non Grata, the first in a five-part series. Garden of the Gods is his second enthusiastic entry into the world of fiction, which has already won enthusiastic acclaim.

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Stirling: “He is just as heroic as any of the characters in his novels.”
By , Submitted on 2016-12-19

The book is great dieselpunk, but this is more of an appreciation of a man whom I have never met.

It was once said of Jack London that “He [was] just as heroic as any of the characters in his novels.” (Robert Dunn).

The same could be said of Stephen J. Stirling. Here is a man who sacrificed his carefree life as a “professional vagrant,” and his moderately successful career as a freelance screenwriter and journalist, to get a “real job” to support his family.

He stood by his wife during the times she was afflicted by the Adversary. Stood by his eldest daughter who had depression. Made sure his second daughter has violins and violin lessons, and stood by her with her eating disorder. And he adopted two children from Russia.

He sacrificed whatever potential career he had to make sure everyone else had good things. Due to the gnawing ravages of cancer, we have no idea what he dreams he could have dreamed, if things had gone differently, and he was in a position to perfect his craft.

Simply put, you are going to read a book written by a man who honored his temple covenants in incredible ways.

And this book carries that same penetrating and transforming power that transformed Stephen J. Stirling and infuse it into your soul.

A Must Read!
By , Submitted on 2016-12-19

Garden of the Gods needs to be on everyone’s must read list. It is fascinating and chalked full of mystery, history and a little bit of folklore. The story is seemingly based on true events that *could* have happened. Each person in the story is based on real people but they are long gone now given this is dated around WWII, and I am not sure any of them would admit to it anyway from what I read. The story keeps you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end, at times it was nail bitting, or made you smile with ease. Every page was an adventure, making it impossible to put down. I read it one sitting, and it was truly amazing. This book makes me want to go find the real Garden of the Gods and discover what is to be had there. If you don’t read another book as long as you live, read this and I can promise you will not be disappointed.

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