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Far More Than a Rehashing
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

A quick plea: Don't dismiss this great video as merely a probable re-telling of near-death episodes. It is far, far more than that. The video oozes with insights, some of which take your breath away. The gospel truths brought to light by the interviewees and brother Brent Top leave one in awe. I have noticed that Covenant Communications has been coming out with remarkable things; this is another of them.
I think that a weakness in Deseret Book's program is that they sometimes don't PROMOTE the very finest things - the things that deserve it above others, (EG, the DVD "Uintah United," a priceless video that fell beneath anyone's notice, resulting in low sales and Deseret's eventual decision to actually drop it from their inventory). I hope that fate does not befall this great DVD. This is a must-see.