A Global Testimony: Sixty Different Countries, One Powerful Message

by Katarina Jambresic

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Ordinary people, extraordinary miracles.

These are journeys—from addiction to liberation, from complacency to purpose, from loneliness and pain to joy and fulfillment.

Discover the greatest journey of all—to faith and conviction—as converts to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from all corners of the earth recognize and embrace this one eternal truth—that God lives. Through their inspiring accounts, readers will transcend geography and time, traverse miraculous paths to Christ's fold, and witness the remarkable power of faith.

Compiled by a Croatian now living in New York City, the stories in this collection document the courageous journeys of modern-day pioneers and serve as an important historical record as well as a source of light and hope to all who wander spiritually or physically.

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Katarina Jambresic

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