Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr.

by Debbie Fox, Kristen A. Jenson

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Good pictures bad pictures jr

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Young children deserve to be armed early against internet dangers. Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr. makes it easy for parents to protect their young kids ages 3 to 6. Using gentle, age-appropriate messages, children will learn to Turn, Run & Tell when they are accidentally exposed to inappropriate content.

Written by best-selling author Kristen A. Jenson of the original Good Pictures Bad Pictures book, the Jr. version is a comfortable, effective way for proactive parents to empower their young kids with their first internal filter!

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Size8 x 10
PublishedGlen Cove Press 2017

About the Authors

Debbie Fox

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Kristen A. Jenson

Protecting kids became Kristen’s passion after she received a late-night phone call from a traumatized mother dealing with the tragic consequences of her porn-addicted son. That’s when she linked arms with Dr. Gail Poyner and spent the next three years writing the best-selling book, Good Pictures Bad Pictures: Porn-Proofing Today’s Young Kids. Since then, Kristen has become a frequent speaker and guest on podcasts, webinars and radio broadcasts and is a member of the National Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Prevention Task Force. She actively blogs at, where she helps parents empower their kids to reject pornography.

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